A ‘businessy’ meeting with Businesmoose!

Greetings Penguins!

The war is now over, and heroes have once again rescued the island. That doesn’t mean the fun is all over however, as the Ultimate Jam starts soon! Today, I managed to meet Businesmoose – a staff member (artist) who works for CP! He began his journey at the Dock (in server Sleet).

(Click for full size)

We then went to his Igloo for (quite a busy) party! Some may not know this, but his igloo is actually based upon CP’s office!

(Click for full size).

Although I was unable to add him (due to his list suffering the ‘too many friends’ bug), I did manage to receive 2 postcards from him (both were exactly the same though..haha).

Another thing I noticed with Businesmoose is that he had a large collection of pins, including the Shamrock (first pin – March 2006). All sounds fine except for the fact that Businesmoose was created during last years music jam – meaning he has added pins to his account manually! (all staff members are able to do this). I guess the only way to receive rare pins now is to work at CP!

Until next time, Waddle on!

-Jimbobson (ft. Dubstep Puffle)


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. If you look carefully in the igloo, you see me! Misabr!!!

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