Oooh who lives in a Pineapple in CP….Not non-members!

Greetings Penguins!

The time has finally arrived. I managed to collect all the Innocent Smoothie items which includes the exclusive Pineapple Igloo (giveaway soon!). All sounds good except for the fact that the igloo is for MEMBERS only! Something that CP forgot to mention in their posts..

(I have since contacted CP explaining reasons why it should be for everyone and not just members).

In other news: One image I showed last post regarding the new penguin sprites and Coffee Shop has been more or less confirmed. As the Coffee Shop is undecorated this party (so far), this means that both the Coffee Shop AND the new penguin sprites will arrive AFTER the party ends (and will also be the location for Smoothie Smash). Below is the image again.

(Again, apologise for the quality – this is the only image of the updated Coffee Shop and penguin/puffle sprite changes).

In other news: Will there be a Fair this year? If so, I doubt Rockhopper will be there like previous years. Why? As he is currently here for the Adventure Party which goes on into September – the same month the Fair starts. I doubt Rockhopper will stay for the whole time..and I also doubt he would leave for a week or two then return. This probably means there will be no Fall Fair this year. If there is, Rockhopper probably won’t be there!

Until next time, enjoy the party!



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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. Giveaway next weekend please! 😛

  2. When you do the contest, can you make it like a question or something instead of posting the code?

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