October 2012 in CP!

Greetings Penguins!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted due to school and personal life etc. So far the month of October has brought a lot to CP, from Halloween to the departure of Billybob.

There’s no doubt that you guys will have already checked out the Halloween party this year and it’s possibly one of the best yet! Members can actually become ghosts, everyone can get ghost catcher items and look for keys. The telescope located in the Haunted Mansion finds two interesting things, the first being a Bat Puffle!

Many think this could either be a new puffle species or simply just a costume for existing puffles. Myself, I believe it is a new puffle species as we haven’t had one since the brown puffle first appeared. Anyways, the second interesting thing the Telescope shows us is some kind of mysterious vehicle..

Could this be a vehicle which will take us penguins to the future? Many think so! CP has never really had a futuristic party before so this should be interesting. However, if this takes place in November it means that Card Jitsu Snow will not be released…once again.

October is a very special month for CP for one main reason; anniversary! CP turned 7 years old this month and the event took place during the Halloween party like last year. This time, the Coffee shop was the only room that was (slightly) decorated. The cake was small..like…very small…the smallest ever as a matter of fact (even smaller than the one used in their first anniversary!). The colours this year were blue and gold (CP colours). The party hat can be seen below on Jimbobson 2.

I wonder why CP seemed to slack off with their own anniversary party. They even released the hat’s design as a pin last week, it all seems very…lazy. No banner on the Coffee Shop to let people know really proved that they wasn’t bothered at all. I guess it’s because it doesn’t have any member features and therefore makes no money.

In other news: BOTH Billybob and Happy77 (the only two remaining original creators) will be leaving CP for different reasons. This means that Businesmoose and Polo Field will be updating the blog from now on. Although they state different reasons for leaving, it seems slightly fishy that they would leave at the same time. Perhaps their contract with Disney has expired? Or perhaps they don’t agree with all the advertising the game now has.

That pretty much wraps up the main updates for October so far. Stay tuned for some exclusive images of the newly designed rooms coming soon..

Until next time, Waddle on!


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