Can CP avoid death?

Greetings Penguins!

Earlier this year, many people heard about the popular online game Habbo Hotel and how it suffered serious problems regarding pedophiles and other inappropriate chat. This resulted in the game receiving extremely negative reviews published in the media and effectively reduced members of the game. Although not fully dead, the damage the press did to Habbo Hotel was massive and most kids now fear to go on at all.

Today I also heard that the online world Pandanda will be fully closing due to “financial reasons” (aka they can’t pay for the costs required to run the game). Although Pandanda was never my favourite online game, it definitely came close, so much so I even created a blog about it! I am quite sad that this game will be closing as it offered some great and fun features that aren’t even present in CP.

So how is this relevant?

The Internet is huge. Virtual worlds have become a huge success due to one game, and that’s CP. CP is easily the most famous online game for kids ever created. BUT despite this, the amount of players/paid members have dropped a huge amount since 2009. This is a very big problem as CP is looking to upgrade more or less everything, and this requires lots of money (not to mention the fact it is now owned by Disney). If CP is not careful, they could lose even more players which could result in the same financial troubles Pandanda is currently facing.


No, not yet at least. There are still a huge amount of players, a lot of which are members. But are memberships alone enough? I know CP also rely on the sales of their Puffle Launch app (and soon to be full-game app!), toys and magazines etc. I don’t think CP will end anytime soon, especially since Disney can invest a few billion if any financial troubles do occur.

Oh, YAY! Why mention it then?!

To make people aware that virtual worlds are a business. If Disney never purchased CP from New Horizons Interactive back in 2007, there would be no CP to even talk of today. CP needed money and fast, so they partnered with Disney over other companies such as Sony. We take our snow-covered island for granted sometimes and I guess we all should just enjoy it while it lasts. Yes, the game will change a lot over the next year, but is that such a bad thing? Pandanda was and is loved by many, including myself (my username on it is jbson if anyone wanted to know).

Just think, what if we all woke up tomorrow to find that CP was closing for good?

Be sure to check the previous posts for a short October update/review and sneak peeks of the upcoming re-designed rooms.

Until next time, Waddle on!




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