Aunt Arctic is the Director! So..what happens next?

Greetings Penguins!

For many years now, penguins have wondered who the Director of both the PSA and EPF was. Some thought it was Gary, some thought it was Aunt Arctic and some thought it was Dot! Well, as the title suggests, the Director is in fact Aunt Arctic!

So that’s the end of that mystery. But what happens next for the EPF? Surely, this would be the time for Herbert to strike again as we have no base but obviously this is CP and they like to ignore that Herbert exists quite a lot. Also, why doesn’t he ever guard the machines he creates? Instead he just walked around the island whilst agents were busy destroying his plans..and why did he create a self destructing machine anyway?!.

Updated CP with new graphics coming soon?!

 Anyways, the island is currently covered in a very thick layer of snow. Will this snow be used for Card Jitsu Snow? Or perhaps even the Holiday Party 2012?! OR perhaps this is just a nice excuse for completely re-designing the island with updated graphics (like the Coffee Shop or Pizza Parlour). I think this is why CP has waited over a year to release this event, as they will launch the updated CP after the snow clears!

Sports Shop to return?

A while back, it was shown in a foriegn magazine that CP will be returning the Sports Shop, but in a different place (still in Ski Village). It is believed to be located next to the Ski Lift which would still allow room for the EPF and Ski Lodge. When shown how some of the new rooms will look after the graphic re-design, we were not shown the Ski Village. Coincidence?! Although this is not confirmed, there is a strong possibility it will return sometime soon..

Until next time, Waddle on!



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