CP release the first Penguin Styles of the year!

Greetings Penguins!

As usual, though a day late, CP released the January Penguin Styles clothing catalogue. This is the first to feature a whole page of items which non-members can also purchase. Problem is…they are ALL old non-member/member items.I know I said I wanted some older items but I did mean some more…exciting? I don’t know, just not another baseball cap.

ANYWAYS, this catalogue is also the first which features new penguin designs! Sadly, I’m not a fan. CP have changed the beaks once again, from the basic small beaks (05-07), to the large round beaks (08-12). Now we have some..interesting designs to say the least. Below is a screenshot of the new designs.


As you an see, the new penguins are quite different. Their feet are rectangle, they have very weird and somewhat disturbing expressions, their beaks are oversized and their flippers are very thin. Quite a difference compared to the chubby, small curved penguins we’re used too.

Next up is how the penguins previously looked (also in this catalogue).


They’re taller….they’re shinier….they’re weird. I hope CP changes the designs again to something more..I don’t even know. Then theres how Gary looks in the latest issue of Penguin Times, he looks insane. It also seems Aunt Arctic (the Director) now wears a skirt that makes her look 12. I have no idea what CP is planning with these new designs or outfits, but give me the 2005-07 items anyday (fun items like the rubber ducky and ghost costume rather than what CP calls “fashion”).

So why did CP change the style of penguins? Well, CP will soon be releasing the new penguin (and puffle) sprites which will make the penguins much slimmer and taller. Gone are the days when little chubby penguins waddle around! Welcome the days where penguins look like a computer generated Disney film (No, I’m not a Disney hater, but the new penguins aren’t as cute).

Until next time, Waddle on!



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  1. I think I know what you mean by disturbing. šŸ˜‰ LOL

  2. It does look like that. O_o

  3. I thought she was looking at her shoes first.. LOL

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