New Puffle to come in March!

Greetings Penguins!

For several years, CP has held the Puffle Party in March, replacing the old St. Patrick’s Day party. With most Puffle parties come the introduction of a new puffle, yet we haven’t seen a new addition since the Brown Puffle. However, 2013 will feature the introduction of a brand new puffle, but what could it be?

In CP’s latest animated video promoting the Hollywood party (sigh..), a few penguins with eagle-eyes have spotted this within the video:


There is a penguin wearing a “I love my puffle” shirt! But the puffle on the shirt (and the shirt itself) is rainbow! Could we soon be adopting the long awaited rainbow puffle? Well, I think there will be more to this puffle than simply its multi-coloured fur. In the latest issue of Club Penguin Magazine, PH talks about chameleons and how they can change the colour of their skin. This could possibly mean that the new puffle we see is actually a chameleon-like puffle that can somehow change its colour!

In other news: I e-mailed CP support regarding the Card Jitsu Snow Beta test. The staff member explained that this beta testing will take place on the Beta Team (probably similar to the new chat feature testing we did a while back, where I met Happy77 for the first time!).

Also, to celebrate a double Field Friday today, here’s a meme I created earlier. Happy Friday everyone!


Until next time, Waddle on!



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