CPF In focus: BETA Hype!

Greetings Penguins!

With the release of Card Jitsu Snow: Beta, there has been a lot of excitement and talk about beta testing. But who remembers the beta testers that tested CP back in 2005? It came across my mind today that I have been playing CP for almost 6 years (yes, 6 years!). I understand it may not be as long as some bloggers out there, but it’s definitley longer than the average player.

Anyway, my point is how much CP has changed since I first started playing. I began just before CP signed a contract with Disney, and so have witnessed everything that has happened since. Now, there’s no doubt that new players are signing up all the time. Some people even give rarer penguins to their younger siblings. So, what’s the problem?

Imagine what will happen in about 5 years from now. CP will be about 13 years old, that’s 13 years since the Beta Test 2005. This means that almost all of the older players will have stopped playing and moved on with their lives. What does that leave CP with? A virtual society of new players who have little to no idea about the older days of CP.

I’ve recently noticed that fewer and fewer older penguins/beta testers are coming online. What’s stranger is that even fewer penguins acknowledge betas at all anymore. It sounds like nothing, but it’s a big difference to the 2007/8 days when a beta would get a huge crowd that rivals today’s mascots. I guess fewer penguins are aware of what the beta hat even is anymore. 

I hope you enjoyed this relatively short discussion post (if you managed to read it). Just think, several years from now we could find ourselves in a completely different version of CP where betas are never even seen anymore! (though won’t get crowds anyway as fewer penguins will have any idea about them..).

P.S I have no obsession with beta testers. They are just the most popular example I can think of. If you would like to learn more, feel free to visit the page on this site. If you would like the chance to meet a beta for yourself, log in on the server Sleet and go to the Dock (this is where they rarely appear..). 

Until next time, Waddle on!



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