Puffle Party 2013: Critical Review

Greetings Penguins!

The Puffle Party started yesterday and is possibly the biggest one yet. This doesn’t mean it’s without its’ faults however – and there are quite a few.


First of all, you’ll notice that the majority of the island is decorated. The only problem with this is that CP has combined old and new decorations. Doesn’t sound bad? Well, you’ll notice that CP has kept the original puffle sprites from the older decorations and added the new sprites for new decorations. This is inconsistent and just looks weird, sort it out!

Puffle Hotel and Party Tasks

Next up you’ll notice that the Puffle Hotel is finally available for access. I do like these new rooms (it has 3 floors) but the sound effects get annoying (and you can’t even turn them off..). Surely if this is a Hotel, why can’t we leave our Puffles here? Speaking of puffles, you’ll need one to complete the activities. Each activity is simple, take your Puffle to the room the task asks (and then click on whatever, for example, if you need to exercise your puffle walk over to the treadmill). Once you’ve completed a task, you need to wait 18 hours until you can do the next (how annoying). For completing a task, you earn a pathetic 150 coins and part of the Puffle Expert outfit (members only). Once you have completed all the tasks, you will receive a bag of Puffle O’s and the ability to adopt a Rainbow Puffle (MEMBERS ONLY!).

Other stuff of note

Members can also turn into puffles like previous years, non-members cannot. PH is also visiting and has a brand new background with that freakish design CP insists on using lately. Other than that it pretty much wraps up the Puffle Party for this year!

Success or Fail?

There’s no doubt CP has worked quite hard for this party, but we knew exactly what we were getting weeks before the party (we saw the Rainbow Puffle, Puffle Hotel, task items etc). There is little to excite players who have attended previous Puffle parties and the 18 hour waiting time is simply annoying. The member benefits are great, if you’re a member. If not, the party is pretty dull. Not one of my favourites but at least it isn’t worse than the Fashion Show last year (and at least non-members get a nice hand item). Overall I think this was a good attempt from CP, but it was completely ruined by the sneak peeks, amount of members-only features and lack of creativity. Lets hope the Superhero Takeover next month will be better!

Until next time, Waddle on!



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  1. are you sure there is gonna be a superhero takeover party in april?
    if yes then i am really excited
    if no then forget it.

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