Club Penguin Summit – LOADS of sneak peeks!

Greetings Penguins!

Firstly, apologies for the delay (school work yet again). Anyway, CP recently held a real life event called Club Penguin Summit where they invited magazine writers and editors to visit the CP HQ in British Columbia, as well as showing them several presentations and sneak peeks!

First of all, a complete list of parties/events for the entire year was shown. As we can see, there are some old favourites returning and even some brand new parties!


You will notice that one of the monthly parties will be a Card-Jitsu Snow party! This will be held in May and will feature the release of the long awaited game. CP even showed how two rooms will look during the party.

Ski Mountain


Ski Village (notice that the EPF construction is complete?)


The completed Snow Dojo (I wish they put this version in the Beta test)


CP also showed a few sneak peeks from the upcoming Marvel Superhero Takeover. First up is a pic of the Cove during the party. The crane seen below will be used to pick up junk found in the polluted water.


It seems the Forest will be decorated with an Earth Day theme – it seriously wouldn’t surprise me if this version of the Forest will replace the current Forest.


The Plaza during the party.


Three superhero hoodies that will be available during the party. The white hoodie will apparently be a secret item.


There will be some sort of game during the party too – it is called Robot Factory. Here’s a sketch.


A sneak peek of a room that is believed to be called the School was also shown. Little is known about the School other than the sketch shown below. Will it be permanent? I don’t see the purpose of a school to be honest. What are penguins going to learn about, the anatomy of a puffle?


And so concludes the sneak peeks. Except for a couple more. Recently, Spike Hike has been posting on Twitter from his iPad and is believed to be testing an app called My Penguin. Here’s a sneak peek.


The board of Sushi is currently a mystery. Spike says we can collect pieces of Sushi, presumably by using this app in some way or another. I hope we can go on the full CP on mobile devices soon.

And so concludes the sneak peeks for today. In my opinion, the Card-Jitsu Snow party sounds like the highlight of the year as it’s new and the decorated rooms look great.

Until next time, Waddle on!



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  1. The prehistoric party? I didn’t like that one; it was too crazy with all of the dinosaurs and grinding.

  2. Hey Jimbobson!
    How’ve you been?
    Do you remember me? I’m Slimball2007.
    I saw you logging on Club Penguin around 1 month ago, and decided to search you up on Google today–which led me to here.
    It’s been such a long time!
    What are you up to?

    • Greetings Slim!
      I’ve been fine thanks, you? And of course, you introduced me to Chatango and various other things. Me and Mazzyandmilk (Egghead) were talking about you the other week actually, it’s been ages!

      • Sweet! I met Mazzyandmilk a month ago as well, it’s been a long time since we last talked.
        How old are you now? I’m 15. ^^

      • It has! And I recently turned 18, I hope to work at CP sometime in my life 😛

      • Sounds cool! I wish you luck working at CP! 😛
        I cant believe you’re already 18! Time flies by so fast.
        Are you in any CP armies at the moment?

      • Thanks and it does! 🙂
        Sadly not, I never got into the army hype but I remember you had the IMAF? I didn’t even realise CP armies still existed – they are very rarely seen nowadays.

      • The IMAF started to fall after I retired in 2010, but we reach great sizes on Club Penguin at one time!
        After 3 years of retirement and not going on Club Penguin, I decided to come back for some reason. I’m an ACP General right now. Check us out! 😛

        Armies have developed since 2007, we’re organized now and hold scheduled events!

      • I see, if I wanted to join how would I do so? Also, what rank would I receive (being an old friend of an ACP General of course 😉 )

      • You would join? 😀
        Just go to and follow the instructions given! 😀 You may want to include that you’ve been playing Club Penguin since 2007(or 2006, I forgot when you started.). 😛

        I’m not sure because our ranks are all based on activity, but I will try to compromise a high rank for you. ^^

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