Card-Jitsu Party: Critical First Impressions

Greetings Penguins!

UPDATE: Many of the major bugs that limited gameplay have now been fixed. However, the journey to becoming a Snow Ninja is incredibly long, earning all 24 rewards will take many, many hours. Patience and you shall be rewarded. NINJA VANISH!

The most highly anticipated party of 2013 is here! The Card-Jitsu party has begun and it’s great! Well, sort of. Firstly, there’s the non-member items. Like the last Card-Jitsu party, there are two elemental headbands (returning from last year) with the introduction of a new one – the snow headband. The rest of the items are for members. Sensei does have a new free background for everyone however.

Next, you’ll notice the Dojo Courtyard and Dojo interior has been completely redesigned. It looks brilliant in my opinion, though it’ll be sad to see the end of the Ninja Hideout (that was stupidly made for everyone, not just ninjas). The whole island is decorated, with each respective element (fire, snow and water) having their respective rooms.

The main point of this party is to introduce Card-Jitsu Snow. It’s very similar to how it was in beta testing, but everything has been coloured and looks amazing. However, the game itself isn’t, unfortunately. Instead, the game is filled with bugs, something in which should be fixed in a game that was publicly beta tested. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game, though very slow paced and takes a while to get even one item, nevermind 24. We do learn about Sensei’s backstory with his walrus friend Tusk which is interesting, though reminds me a lot of Kung Fu Panda’s narrative.

So overall the party seems good so far, everyone is able to join in the Card-Jitsu Snow game as it’s not members only. Remember, you can ONLY use power cards for this game!

Until next time, Good luck, Grasshoppers.



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