Upcoming Parties in CP! (UPDATED)

Greetings Penguins!

UPDATE: I have now added other parties which have been confirmed or strongly hinted at. This should be a guaranteed list of parties for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

Well I finally did it. I earned all 24 rewards from Card-Jitsu Snow on BOTH Jimbobson and Jimbobson 2. That, took, ages. Anyway, as you may recall (it was only yesterday so hopefully) I posted previously regarding the Monster’s University party in which will be happening in June. Well Spike Hike released some info regarding July’s party too!

music jam1

This means that July’s party will be a summer-themed party with elements of the Music Jam – It’s a combination of the two! I have to say the summer parties back in 06/07/08 were amazing so I’m looking forward to this one in particular. I hope CP will keep Disney advertising out of this one, particularly Rocky and CeCe from last year’s Ultimate Jam (they were a huge pain to find..). Now that we know this we can have a rough estimate as to what other parties we’ll be seeing this year.

June: Monster’s University Takeover – As talked about in the post yesterday, this party will be themed upon Disney Pixar’s upcoming movie (sequal to Monster’s Inc). This probably indicates that there will be several Monster’s related items and costumes and perhaps even a mascot to accompany them.

July: Star Wars Takeover: – Originally shown on Herbert’s website, the logo of a Star Wars Takeover was shown which confirms that the party does exist and will take place in July. This party has been suggested and rumoured for many years now. This will be Disney’s third advertisement party of the year.

August: Teen Beach Movie Takeover: – Disney’s fourth and (hopefully) final advertisement party of 2013. It is believed that this is the summer party Spike Hike tweeted about.

September: The Fair (most likely) –September usually means one thing on CP; The Fair (formerly known as Fall Fair). I’m guessing this will also apply this year, especially after the “monthly parties” slideshow shown at the CP Summit media event.

October: Halloween/8th Anniversary!! – I will be very very very surprised if this isn’t 100% correct (which I’m sure it is). This is one of CP’s biggest parties of the year. The decorations are usually awesome, the items are also fun and the music is spooky. Unlike the designers of CP, let’s not forget the 8th Anniversary party!!!

November Medieval Party – WHAT?! A Medieval party in November?! But, but, it’s supposed to be in May! That’s usually the case, but as the Card Jitsu Snow party is currently ongoing (when it should of been in November) the Medieval party is postponed until November. What a mind-f!?k!

December: Disney Mickey Mouse party – Okay, not really. I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. As always, this party will be the Christmas, sorry, the HOLIDAY party. I wonder if Rockhopper will wait until December to make an appearance?

Soo, that is the list of parties for the rest of the year. As Polo has posted 3 images on the blog (of upcoming parties), expect there to be a sneak peek of both the parties happening in July and August. I’m sure I’ve said this before but it really does feel strange talking about December in May!

In other news: I’ve added a couple more memes to the CP Memes page. Both are Card-Jitsu related so be sure to check them out! Here’s a sample of my latest one:

tusk meme1

Until next time my friends, Waddle on!



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