Foxotic – An upcoming (but not so original) virtual world!

Greetings Penguins!

Earlier, I was looking around for any new virtual worlds of interest. I managed to find one called Foxotic which isn’t even in closed beta yet. It seems like a fun game that I will definitely be checking out when the public beta is released on August 1st. However, I did notice that most of the previewed rooms within the game look very similar to other virtual worlds.

Firstly let us take a look at the foxes’ den in the game.


This looks somewhat familiar. What could it possibly remind me of? Certainly not the igloos found in CP..


UPDATE: Due to the negative feedback and obvious copying, Foxotic has since redesigned the den. It will now look like this:


BUT that’s not all! I noticed a few more similarities between the rooms of Foxotic and other virtual worlds. For example, does this room seem familiar?


For those who have only ever played Club Penguin and no other virtual world, this room won’t seem familiar whatsoever. However, players of the recently closed Pandanda may notice this room looks very familiar to the Book Nook..


Okay that’s one huge coincidence! I’d like to say it stops there but there is one more similarity between Foxotic and Pandanda. Here’s a picture of a upcoming room on Foxotic. The drawing style of this room seems to look very different from the foxes’ house.


Henry’s Fishing Shack, we buy fish. Reminds me of the Fishing Hole..and the name Henry, wasn’t that the name of Pandanda’s founder? (Hint: Yes it was).


(Click for full size).

Surely that’s it? Unfortunately not. There’s yet another room which has a striking resemblance to Pandanda. Take a look below.


This room, or rather what we can see of this room looks like a mirrored version of The Big Scoop, an ice cream shop in Pandanda.


(Full credit for this image goes to Alxeedo11)

At this point it’s fairly obvious that many designs have been ‘adapted’ from other games. However, the ‘adapting’ came from more than just Club Penguin and Pandanda designs. Take a look at this room in Foxotic.


It appears that this room is based heavily upon the Canyon found in Wiglington and Wenks, take a look.


I’m sure by now it’s obvious that Foxotic was heavily inspired by other virtual worlds, particularly Club Penguin, Pandanda and Winglington and Wenks. As Pandanda has now closed, Foxotic will be able to get away with taking room design inspiration from the game. As for the re-coloured igloo, I think it looks a little too similar for people not to notice the blatant plagiarism. Regardless of this, I look forward to playing the game when it launches very soon.

Until next time, Waddle on!



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  1. Hi Jimbobson, I’m not sure if you remember me but I was your friend on Club Penguin about 6 years ago. I just happened to remember your penguin’s name and googled it and found your blog. Nice to see you again.

    • Hi Funski!!
      Of course, I remember everyone from the early dates, you’re still on my friend list. I remember trying to tell you all about my blog when I first started in 07 but CP’s filters disallowed it :P. Great to hear from you too, we should talk sometime!

  2. lol I actually though this was owned by pandanda because they were so similar!

  3. They also copied the Stage.

  4. Pandanda closed so they can make a new game called Foxotic, Thats why they look similar.
    Beta Tester

  5. This is terrible they think I’m going on there, guess what they have also copied some content from Bin Weevils we have to do something πŸ™‚

  6. Chilly 82970 , KitsuneNinja

    A lot of people are trolling Foxotic and giving them hate. Foxotic isn’t really that bad, but people keep saying it is… It’s very annoying.

    • I don’t mind Foxotic too much, I play the game myself. However, I think they approached the design process incorrectly. If they had designed every room from scratch and it showed no evidence that other rooms were copied it would’ve been a much better game.

  7. Yes lots of the things may seem very close to copyright fraud, but not with pandanda, firstly, pandanda is closed, and do you know why? because of budget cuts. so they made foxotic as a REPLACEMENT. If you took enough notice, on the website, it mentions they are releasing foxotic instead, so all the rooms similar to pandanda are of their own, as noticed that the fox characters on foxotic are graphically similar to the pandas on pandanda.

    • Incorrect, Pandanda is owned by Sunlead Studios and in no way assosiated with Foxotic. It is suggested that Foxotic have copied from several virtual worlds, just because one is closed does not mean it can’t be copied from. Please do not make false accusations, but thanks for commenting πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow Foxotic wow. Although that IS a funny sounding name πŸ˜€ LOL

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