Star Wars Takeover CRITICAL REVIEW

Greetings Penguins!

It’s that time again – time for one of my critical reviews. This time I will be reviewing the latest CP party, the Star Wars Takeover. Although it is true that this party is yet another one of the Disney advertisement parties, it is far from bad. In fact, this may be my favourite takeover party yet (Marvel Superhero Takeover aside). Anyway, let me begin.

Items: There are a lot of Star Wars themed items available at this party. The only issue is, that none of them are actually original. Instead, they are simply costumes used in the movie but adapted for penguins. Not very original in my opinion, though still quite fun. Non-members get several items too – with the majority been hats, pins and backgrounds (why no lightsabers?!).

Decorations: Like a few parties this year, CP Island isn’t really decorated. Instead, all the action (and decoration) takes place in space. I especially like the Death Star interior which looks pretty great. Overall, the decorations are quite impressive though it’d be nice to see more decorations on the island itself.

Come back _____ for more items: This has become somewhat of an expectation for modern CP parties. Although it can sometimes be quite annoying, it does make the party less boring. Especially when you can explore new planets and obtain new items when you do return to the game (rather than just buying items from a party-themed catalogue).

Mini-games: The mini games during this party are also pretty fun. First, there’s defeating the Stormtroopers on Tatooine which is a good game in itself. You simply have to shoot Stormtroopers – how cool is that!? Next up, there is the traditional moving blocks to insert the key into the lock (this was used for some Field Op tasks). Finally, on Yavin 4 you defeat TIE Fighters by flying an X-Wing ship. Overall, plenty of stuff to do!

Overall: As stated previously, this has been one of the better Disney takeovers we’ve had on CP. It is clear that the team have spent quite a lot of time developing this party and in my opinion, their work has paid off. As with all parties though, this one isn’t perfect. I would’ve liked more interesting items for everyone and the ability to battle as non-members. Ah well, I guess you can’t win them all. Let us all look forward to next month’s party – Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover!

Random CP Fact #04: If a penguin breaks the rules, they are now issued with a warning instead of an instant ban. However, failure to ignore this warning will result in the banning of your penguin for a number of hours.

Until next time, Let the force be with you.

– Jimbobson


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