CP: Running out of ideas or running out of money?

Greetings Penguins!

It is no secret that CP has grown massively since the early days, with international offices and new team members. Obviously, running CP and paying the staff requires a fair amount of money that was once provided by memberships and plush puffles alone. However, now the game is much bigger and being owned by Disney was possibly the best financial move CP has ever made.

As players grow up and turn to new games, it is down to the younger generation to fund and populate the game. The only issue now is that CP isn’t the only virtual world, plus with the introduction of mobile applications on Apple’s  iOS and Google’s Android; CP has much more competition than it used to.

The recent introduction of Disney-themed takeovers and sponsored parties may seem unoriginal and somewhat annoying to us older fans, but it does generate money which is what CP needs (it is a business after all). It’s also true that these parties have generated a lot of traffic on the website, showing just how popular they are among players. Therefore, we cannot complain about these new parties. The constant returning of original CP events (I’m looking at you, Music Jam) year upon year got somewhat boring.

Note: CP is not nearing bankruptcy or anything, this post was simply highlighting how players (and therefore memberships) have declined in recent years and how these sponsored parties have helped increase this once again.

Random CP Fact #05: There was a camping themed party called Camp Penguin in August 2007 in which the Marshmallow on a Stick item was released. Both the party and the item have never returned since.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson



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  1. They should remake some old parties from years ago or make new ones. I still want the festival of flight… 😦

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