The Night of a Thousand Leis!

UPDATE: Neither the Blue or Hawaiian Lei made an appearance at the Summer Jam. However, a new lei called the Friends Forever Lei was released, though looks much different to the other leis both on the player card and in-game. 

Aloha Penguins!

After the rumours suggesting the return of the rare Blue Lei at the Summer Jam surfaced, many penguins became excited, whilst others, became upset. However, there was recently an outbreak of Hawaiian, or Red (as it’s better known) Leis on the island. It turns out this exceptionally rare item (from Winter Lua in January 06) was actually given out to penguins who attended Tato Maxx’s (a Spanish blogger) anniversary party.

Many penguins are now suggesting that both Leis will be returning tomorrow at the Summer Jam. A CP Support staff member explained how the Summer Jam will be a great party for people who like leis – hinting that either the Red or Blue lei will probably be returning. If this is the case, I’m sure older, more rarer penguins who own either of these items will be angry. However, CP has always stated that all items will someday return, unless they were either Pins (Stage pins such as the ruby from Ruby and the Ruby are the exception) or Party Hats (CPIP Red Hard Hat included as it is an item given for testing).  Here is an image of both the leis:


Personally, I would love it if both leis came back. As a proud owner of a Blue Lei, I realise just how many penguins envy it and would love to have one. As for the Hawaiian Lei, it has always been my favourite neck item (it looks amazing). I would also love to see a brand new coloured lei. One thing is for sure, the Summer Jam has turned into the most exciting party of the year. I guess we will simply have to wait until tomorrow to find out what items do return, if any.

Random CP Fact #07: The Hawaiian (or red) Lei used to be the second rarest item in CP, beaten only by the legendary Beta (Party) Hat. This was until it was re-released for penguins who attended a staff members’ anniversary party, however.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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  1. Disney closed 3 of their MMOs (Toontown, PotC, and Pixie Hollow.) for Club Penguin. How interesting!

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