Updates from Spike Hike! (and the Captain’s return)

Greetings Penguins!

I’m sure many of you are busy collecting the items from the Summer Jam and trying to meet Mack and Brady; don’t worry there will be a critical review very soon. However, in bigger news, Spike recently tweeted a few things the team is working on. Take a look below.


So it looks like there will be both iPhone and Android versions of My Penguin coming soon, as well as Server Jumping which has been promised for many, many years now. However, we’ve heard this before from CP so please understand these new versions of My Penguin (especially since they are updating it now) and Server Jumping may not be seen for a year or so yet. Let us try to be patient. Ha.

In other news: Captain Rockhopper will be returning to the island this September. The last time we saw our favourite penguin pirate was during the Holiday Party 2012; meaning it has been almost a year since his last visit (the longest period of time in the history of CP without a visit). CP says they have something big planned for him this visit and many will notice he has a new appearance (hint: the coat and new penguin artwork).


Random CP Fact #08: Rockhopper was Club Penguin’s first official mascot (though was not known as such at the time and couldn’t be added to the Friends list) who could be met on the island starting 7th March 2006. As of September 2013, he wears a coat.

Until next time, keep jammin’

– Jimbobson


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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