The Golden Puffle: My Verdict!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s no secret that the Golden Puffle will be the next coloured puffle to hit the island. In fact, we’ve already seen it. This will be the 2nd new puffle of the year, with the first being the Rainbow Puffle during the Puffle Party. It seems this year CP is really working on making the most popular rumours become a reality. For those who are for some reason still sceptical, here’s the new log off screen featuring our latest furry friend.

golden puffle1

From this screen alone, we are aware that the Golden Puffle will be available for members which isn’t very surprising, but basically means this whole “Quest for the Golden Puffle” mini-event will be worthless for non-members. How kind. Secondly, we can be sure that Golden Puffles will sometimes dig up rare golden items that will probably be the main reason for kids buying Memberships this month. Finally, we can see that this legendary puffle will be found in one of the “new caves” that has been found in the Mine. Exciting!

So what’s my opinion? I love the design of this new puffle, so much so I think it may be my new favourite (alongside the Yellow Puffle). However, it does seem very similar in terms of colour to the Yellow one, just with a golden tint to it’s fur, eyes and mouth. Nevertheless, it looks pretty amazing. However, I am pretty disappointed it will only be for Members. Yeah we all saw this coming, but still. It was nice to hope.

Finally, I really dislike how CP has completely spoiled the whole event; we all know what colour the new puffle will be and are even shown what it will look like! That’s no fun.. Who remembers when new puffles were introduced by surprise? It was certainly a much better experience. Anyway, I look forward to our new arrival and may even buy a Membership just for this lil guy. I sure hope CP make a toy version, though this seems unlikely.

Random CP Fact #15: Puffles were first found on the island in November 2005. Initially there were only Blue, Pink, Green and Black colours. Including the Golden Puffle, there are currently 12 different colours of puffles available.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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  1. Golden? What’s next, silver and bronze? :/

  2. whats next silver disney is running out of ideas

    • I don’t think Disney is running out of ideas, the Golden Puffle has been rumoured for many, many years now. Even before Disney purchased CP. As for a Silver Puffle, that sounds pretty cool.

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