2013 in CP: Review!

Happy New Year Penguins!

Well, it’s official. 2013 is now over so I can write a yearly review without irritating penguins complaining about those bloggers who wrote their yearly reviews like 3 days before 1st January, as if they expected CP to do something amazing on 31st December or something. Anyway, let us begin!

Like every year, we have seen the usual monthly events and parties, fortnightly pins and 12 Penguin Styles catalogues. Combine these with plenty of new items, puffles and games and you’ll soon realise how busy this year has been. Despite the huge introduction of many, many new things, CP still has yet to show us the likes of Sever Jumping and CP Next – something which sounds very exciting and will possibly make 2014 the biggest year yet on the island. Time to look back at the good (and bad?) parts of this year.

The Good:

  • A LOT of new parties and events: Very few parties these year were returned except the of course the usual Halloween and Holiday Parties. The majority of the rest were new, including the Prehistoric Party, the Card Jitsu Snow Party and Operation Puffle. Exciting times!
  • My Penguin app: A true milestone in CP’s history right here. Puffle Launch didn’t come close to how awesome this app actually is. Initially starting off as a app to simply view your penguin and play games on your iPad quickly became an app that allowed users to access several rooms in the game – including their own igloos!
  • Complete redesign of the island with updated graphics: This was highly controversial at first; with many older penguins worrying that “Old CP” would officially be gone for good. After a while, it was clear that the new graphics were necessary to keep the game looking modern.
  • Puffles: Fans of Puffles had a great year this year. Typically the CP Team release a new Puffle approximately every year. However, 2013 brought us not 1, but 2 puffles! Both the legendary Rainbow and Golden puffles were discovered in 2013; unfortunately however both were for Members. But more on this later.
  • New Rooms/Games: We’ve all come to expect this by now. What would a year be without a new room or game? This year saw the introduction of the Club Penguin University (inspired by Monsters University) and the Puffle Hotel (Puffle Party). Alongside the new rooms we saw the release of a brand new game in May; the highly anticipated Card Jitsu Snow.
  • Weekly videos: These don’t really affect the island but are still nice. Weekly videos in the form of The Spoiler Alert and comedic Waddle On, hosted by members of the CP Team including Polo Field, Ninja and Megg certainly brightens the community.
  • Non-Members get an igloo: Although this doesn’t seem major, the Holiday Party saw non-members getting a free igloo (Sweet Swirl Igloo) for the first time ever. Prior to this, non-members were only able to live in their plain standard, small igloo. Even igloos available from codes (Pineapple Igloo) were members only.

The Bad:

Whilst nothing about 2013 on CP was particularly bad, these are a few of my least favourite additions.

  • Some parties: Although I did enjoy a fair few of the parties this past year, some were more irritating than fun. The first example here is the Prehistoric Party which had us playing the dreaded Dino Dig to obtain items. This game took far too long and wasn’t particularly exciting. Other examples include the Hollywood Party which was, in my opinion, the weakest event of 2013.
  • Duration of parties: I know I’ve said this before but the duration of the parties goes on for far too long when compared to the older days of 2006/7 when parties lasted a few days rather than 2 weeks. The longer the party goes on for the longer penguins get bored, typically anyway.
  • New Penguin graphics: By this I don’t mean the actual sprites in game. I instead mean the way penguins are shown in the Newspaper or how mascots are on their playercards. I realise CP wants the game to look fresh but, these sharper/slimmer/shinier penguins look kinda scary.
  • Disney Takeovers: Yeah I bet y’all knew this was coming. I’m not a Disney hater or anything; but placing 3 Disney-themed parties in 3 consecutive months was too much. It’s also clear that the team puts a lot more effort into the Disney-themed parties than they do for their classic parties. However, I did find that the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam was perhaps the best party of the year as it truly had the feel of a classic Summer on CP.
  • Slow Loading: Still haunts the game to this day and has done since 2005 – though it currently seems to be a lot worse due to the higher amount of penguins. Yes it’s true that the CP Server is located in Las Vegas and I’m in England, but the lag is still annoying. Hopefully CP Next will fix this?

And so concludes a very brief review of 2013 in CP. I’ve quite enjoyed this year and look forward to what 2014 will bring. One thing is certain, if we do see the introduction of CP Next and the full online experience added to the iPad app (and iPhone/iPod and Android versions), 2014 could be one amazing year.

Random CP Fact #17: Club Penguin Co-Founder Rsnail (Lance Priebe) has stated that he may return to CP as he has a couple of new ideas for the game. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

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