The Fair: Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s been a fair while (haha, get it?) since my last post so I decided it was about time for another critical review. You may realise I didn’t post a critical review of last month’s Prehistoric Party. In short, it was better than the 2013 version but Dino Dig remained an annoyance. On top of that, we now have Dino Puffles which I’m still slightly confused about (why are they necessary..). Anyways, in this post I will be reviewing this month’s Fair!

This years’ Fair is the first to be held in February rather than September where it received it’s logical and more catchier name of the Fall Fair. The date is not the only thing different about this years however and I’m sure those who’ve already logged in have discovered this. This years takes place in a off-map place called the Amazement Park (entrance is located at the Dock). It is split up into 3 sections, each containing a ride (Members only of course, unless you have a Silver Ticket but more on that later), some mini-games and some pretty sweet decorations. The rest of the island isn’t decorated whatsoever, though the sky is purpley/orange (like an evening sky) which is quite nice.

The Good:

  • New Prizes: There are a lot of new prizes this time, both for Members and Non-Members. In fact, every single item that’s available for everyone is brand new, though some are obviously re-coloured versions of past items.
  • Mascots: In previous years Rockhopper used to join us during the Fair and was meetable on the island. This time, we have Rookie. The Penguin Band also plays “Anchors Aweigh!” in the centre of the Amazement Park but they are simply animated penguins rather than the actual mascots. They, as well as Rookie do give out a free background though. (Click on the Penguin Band when performing to get it).
  • New Features: What was nice about this party was that it wasn’t exactly the same as previous Fairs. The rides are a decent idea as it allows more stuff to do rather than just collecting tickets. There’s also a Daily Spin game where you can win some pins, tickets, coins and even a background.
  • Unplugged Arcade Machine: Remember that red unplugged arcade machine in the Dance Lounge that was never plugged in so nobody knew what the game was? Well, now we do! It contains a game called 8-bit which you can waddle around using a simple 8-bit penguin to collect other 8-bit objects for tickets (think of it like Pac-Man, though with no ghosts).
  • Silver Tickets: Okay so only members can ride on the 3 rides, right? Well, if non-members manage to win a Silver Ticket on The Daily Spin, then they can get access to any ride they desire. That’s a pretty cool idea from CP. Note: It only works once, leaving the room the ride is in means you cannot access it again without winning another Silver Ticket. Also, if Members win a Silver Ticket then they receive 1000 coins instead.
  • Decorations: Where would a party be without it’s decor? There’s some nicely decorated rooms, I especially liked the different themed sections inside the Amazement Park (The Galaxy Park is probably my fave). The sky also looks nice, which I stated previously. It really adds a different mood to the game, much like the night sky does during the Halloween parties.

The Bad:

  • Prices of items: If you’ve been collecting each item everyday like me, then you’ll know how much of a pain it is to collect so many tickets just for one item. Back in 2007 when the Fair was first introduced, items cost similar to what they do this year. However, 2012’s Fair saw prices drop to 100-500 tickets per item. This year, items cost from 500 to 1500 tickets, which is a lot when you consider how many items there are.
  • Come back everyday: This has become a feature that annoys me. It just seems like a rather cheap way of getting players to log-in everyday to collect an item, then log-off again. Not only is there a new item everyday but also a new spin on The Daily Spin game. I suppose it’s better than simply logging it to click “Collect” then logging out again.
  • The Daily Spin: What? That amazingly fun game of talent is on the bad list? Why?! Because it’s frustrating. There are 3 items that people like me who collect each item on the wheel want. Those are the two pins and the background. The only issue is that The Daily Spin is random, so you often find yourself getting 50 coins or 100 tickets instead. Jimbobson hasn’t got any of the items yet and only has 3 days to do so. But since it’s random and requires no talent or tactics or gameplay, it seems unlikely that he will get any. Annoying.

So overall The Fair is a decent party. I wouldn’t say it was the best party every like Polo Field did, but it’s still pretty interesting. I recommend collecting the items and other stuff if you haven’t already. Remember that March’s party will be the Muppets Most Wanted Takeover. That should be very erm, interesting.

Random CP Fact #18: The St. Patrick’s Day party used to be an annual party that was held in March to celebrate the Irish holiday. In total there has been 4 of these from 2006-2009. They have been stopped as not everyone in the world celebrates the holiday.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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