Music Jam 2014: A Controversial Remix!

Greetings Penguins!

I’m aware that I haven’t posted in a while. Literally March was the last time I posted. Apologies for that and the lack of critical reviews which many seem to enjoy. Anyways, today’s post will be regarding the latest party – the Music Jam.

I’m sure many of us have experienced a Music Jam. Older players like myself have experienced every single one (the first and arguably the best taking place way back in 2008) and have become aware of what the party usually includes, and why players like myself love these events so much. Let’s look back at a brief summary of each one..

Music Jam ’08: The first Music Jam was an extremely popular event. The first of it’s kind, it introduced the beloved Penguin Band as mascots for the first time as well as the now retired game DJ3K. Each major part of the island was decorated with different musical themes including Classical, Pop, Rock and Country etc. Members could access the exclusive Backstage room located behind a stage at the Dock where one or all Penguin Band members would visit when they were on a break from performing at the Iceberg (which occurred every few days). Items included a Music Jam T-Shirt, a pair of Maracas and the Penguin Band autograph if you were lucky enough to meet any members of the Band.

Music Jam ’09: This party was more of an evolution than a revolution when compared to the original. It featured Cadence as a mascot as well as the Penguin Band. Many rooms were re-used including the Member’s-only Backstage area. Another Members-exclusive area was added known as the Night Club Rooftop and featured a Boombox item. Overall, this was basically the 2008 Music Jam with a few additions.

Music Jam ’10: For the third time in three years the Music Jam made a reappearance showing its’ popularity. However, this was gradually decreasing due to many older penguins having already experienced two of these already. This one again featured Cadence and the Penguin Band as mascots, although this would be the Band’s last appearance in their “old Western look” before becoming modern. The only real difference between this and the 2009 Jam were simply the items. Easy job at the CP office for this party I guess!

Music Jam ’11: This was the fourth and final (until 2014) Music Jam of its’ name. With Club Penguin becoming obsessed with recruiting more and more Members, free items throughout 2011 were mainly re-coloured hat items and this was reflected within this party with the only free item (excluding backgrounds) being the Music Jam Cap. How exciting! This party was also highly controversial due to CP giving the Penguin Band a new look that they explained was modern. Looking like members of One Direction, the band lost the simplicity and music style that many loved. Many rooms remained the same, with some receiving minor adjustments.

Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam: This was also unofficially known as the Music Jam 2012. It featured two Disney mascots in Rocky and CeCe as well as the usual Cadence and the Penguin Band. This one took place at night and was the biggest change to the Music Jam since the introduction of the Music Jam series. New items and new decorations, it had a fresh feel that was very welcome. However, it was quickly criticised due to the Disney influence present in the party.

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam: Whilst not necessary a Music Jam, it was considered a combination of that, the Summer Party and the Water Party. Despite the party being focused upon an obvious promotion for an upcoming Disney film, it did have a classic CP party feel that the game was seriously lacking. It introduced many, many new items (including a new lei which did differ from the design used for both the Hawaiian and Blue Lei) as well as completely new summer themed decor. Does it actually count as a Music Jam however? Not really, but it’s worth a mention.

And thus brings us to the latest Music Jam – Music Jam 2014. You may be wondering why I added controversial remix in the title. Well, let’s just say it’s completely different to past Music Jam’s, so much so that some penguins have said it barely deserves to share the same name as the old classics. Let’s see why…

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Who knew?! The thought of a Music Jam had many thinking a good ol’ classic party was taking place on the island this Summer and of course, many were excited. However, what we didn’t know was that CP had something up their sleeve. Rather than just showing performances from Cadence and the beloved Penguin Band (who were badly lacking a visit to the island), we will also be blessed with performances from 4 singers from Disney TV shows including Violetta, Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya and Cole Plante. Great thinking CP, just what the whole community wants!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.55.38

Barely Decorated Island

This has annoyed many penguins for a year or so now. How many parties does CP throw only to have an exclusive party room decorated whereas the island remains less decorated than the Beta Test party in 2005. I understand some penguins may not want to take place in the parties but the majority of us do. So how does this apply to the Music Jam, you ask? Well, two rooms of the island are decorated in comparison to the whole island of prior Jams. One of which (the Town) uses the exact same decor as the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. That seems very..lazy in all honesty. So if the party doesn’t take place on the island, where does it take place?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 13.04.04

…A..b..boa….a boat? Well when I think Music Jam I instantly think boats as I’m sure many of you do. I’m quite confused as to why CP made the whole party on a boat, or as they call it, the Music Cruise. I mean, it sounds good for a Summer party or something, but a Music Jam on a boat seems a little TV-show-ish. Is this supposed to be the boat that rocked? (or didn’t in this case). There are 8 separate rooms of the boat which is pretty cool to explore, until you realise there isn’t much to do. Of course the major part of this party is music, and the music is pretty good in many of the rooms. The performance area is nicely decorated and even has a SoundStudio booth so you don’t have to go all the way back to the Dance Club. I also like how the sky changes and the interactivity some rooms include.

Overall, the party isn’t exactly bad. It just seems a little odd that this shares the same name as a party which had the whole island decorated and had no mentions of boats whatsoever. What next? The Holiday Party will take place on a Hot Air Balloon? I’m sure CP completely re-designed this party because of how similar the old ones were to eachother. Many would agree the Music Jam needed something new, but I doubt many would come up with a Music Cruise as a solution. Anyhow, we have Disney character performances and some decent looking items to look forward to. And of course for those who want to give this party a miss, remember that next month’s party is a Disney’s Frozen Summer party!

Random CP Fact #20: Entering the code BEARS418 will unlock 10 Koi Ponds and 10 Mossy Logs for your Igloo!


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