Turbo Race 3000 – Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

After the slight mishap which was the Music Jam 2014, many are focused on next month’s Frozen Party which, thus far, looks to be very promising. But what exactly happens between one party ending and the other beginning? Previously, not much other than the usual catalogues, pins and EPF messages. Nothing really worth logging in for in all honesty. However, CP decided to fix that by adding mini-events that usually consist of one decorated room and at least one free item.

Within the past few months, we’ve seen several of these mini parties. The first was the Russian Welcome Event (Stadium), followed by Funny Hat Week (Dock), The Penguin Prom (University exterior and interior) and now the Turbo Race 3000 (Stadium). These typically 6-day long parties aim to attract players and provide the game with an essence of the old Club Penguin. As the title obviously states, this post will be reviewing the latest instalment in the mini party series; Turbo Race 3000.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 18.18.59

The party obviously takes place at The Stadium, so fans of Football (or Soccer if you must) may possibly be a little annoyed, but it is only for 6 days! Players simply walk to the starting line and are automatically provided with a Go-Kart (not actually an item) based on their penguins colour. The aim is to race other penguins throughout 3 laps of the track shown above. The winner doesn’t actually get anything unfortunately.

The Good:

There’s no doubt that these mini-events do keep the game entertaining whilst there are no major parties going on. They also do have the feeling of an old CP-style party – complete with the free items and the iconic “Free!” sign that was once the norm in most parties. The track has light sensors (which change colour every lap) so players cannot cheat which is nice to see, plus it provides some good competition that will undoubtedly make you some new friends – and rivals!

As with every mini-event, the fundamental feature is typically the item. Not so much in this one however, as this contains a fairly interactive track in which the role-play is aided by the use of the free items, and not necessarily focused fully upon them. There are 2 items this time, the Go-Karter Helmet for everyone and the the Go-Karter Suit for Members. This marks the first time thus far that a mini-party has included a Members exclusive item.


No party is perfect, ever. Some may argue the Beta Test party’s simplicity and exclusivity makes it the best, others may say the annual Halloween’s use of dark sky and Jack-O-Lanterns is what a true party should be. My main criticism of this party is the lack of mechanics used in go-kart track (by that I don’t mean people who fix cars). Upon equipping the go-kart, you’ll notice that there are no speed improvements. It’s just like waddling – without the waddle. Surely even a minor speed boost would’ve made the races more fun. Think of the bumper cars from The Fair or the sliding action from the Ice Rink. As this isn’t waddling, it should be different to control.

There are two objects on the track in which appear to have a purpose. Fans of the Mario Kart series may expect the banana skin to cause them to slip, and the oil spill could cause the same. So why don’t they? Driving – if you can even call it that, over these objects would surely cause something to happen. So why include them? More than likely for role-playing purposes. I’d also like to see the winner of the race’s name appear on the screen as opposed to simply “Finish”. An item could also be issued for all those that complete the track. Maybe a trophy or medal?

The addition of a Members-only item is somewhat odd and unexpected, especially so as past events have only included items for everyone. Yeah it’s good for Members without a doubt, it simply seems a little unnecessary, especially considering that said item is a Body item, and not a Head item like all the mini-parties have featured thus far. It would’ve also been nice to perhaps see Gary mentioned and maybe included as a mascot with potential for a new background. After all, it is a 3000 and thus a Gary invention.


There’s no denying these parties provide some entertainment whilst the CP team is hard at work with the next party. The free items are obviously the highlighting feature but the decorations are often nice, simplistic and not over the top – like many rooms nowadays (I’m looking at you, Pet Shop!). There’s no doubt that if this was a major party the team would’ve included a lot more in terms of things to do and interactivity. Since this is a mini-party, it cannot really be compared to one in which CP spends a lot more time on. Regardless, I look forward to both the Frozen Party and whatever mini-party event will follow.

Random CP Fact #21: Club Penguin plan to release 2 new apps to the App Store. These are the already-known Sled Racing and a new game titled Puffle Wild. The release dates are currently unknown, but it is likely to be sooner rather than later.

Until next time, Waddle On!

– Jimbobson



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