Sasquatch: The Ongoing Mystery

Greetings Penguins!

As promised in my last post, this one will be regarding the recently discovered Sasquatch and the mystery that surrounds the Party Hat-wearing beast. Where did it come from? Where did it go? (where did it come from Cotton-Eye Joe?)


Firstly, I will presume that you all know who Sasquatch is. If not, see my past post entitled ‘A wild Sasquatch Appeared!’. Anyways, the Sasquatch appeared for a short time last month just before the Frozen Party started as a mascot. Lucky penguins who managed to find the rapid-moving large creature were gifted with an exclusive Mystery Background. Unlike all other normal mascots however, the Sasquatch did not receive any meet up times or even acknowledgement from the CP Team. How odd..

Then, several days later, it stopped visiting. It was unable to be encountered on the island and simply disappeared just as it had appeared – without explanation. Not even an article in the CP Times discussed it. Personally, I figured that CP would keep it undercover until September when they would likely throw a Wilderness Expedition or something. Its’ possible mountain cave home (that can be seen from the Ski Hill) got a short mention in the newspaper; but has since failed to receive any further attention. In said paper, it stated that the cave glows at night (which currently doesn’t exist on CP – could that also be a hint of night time coming to the game?). Surely if an unknown cave begins to glow with no explanation, someone, whether the EPF or just curious penguins, would go investigate? Especially given a certain Polar Bear hasn’t attacked in a while..

Sasquatch’s Next Appearance

Instead of any wilderness or mountain expedition as we’ve seen before, September will hold the School and Skate Party. It is extremely unlikely that the Sasquatch will be involved in this party at all. Will it start appearing again before the party starts? Who knows. Maybe it will be featured in a mini-party, if there is one this month. Thus far, we’ve heard nothing regarding one so it seems unlikely which is a shame as they were enjoyable. Mini-parties haven’t featured the introduction of new mascots thus far, so the Sasquatch’s purpose seems to extend to a full-length party. 

October – the month of Halloween and CP’s Anniversary. Sasquatch is quite the beast, so it could possibly fit in with Halloween. The Beta Hat it wears also fits in with the upcoming 9th Anniversary Party. Surely that’s it! The Sasquatch is set for an official confirmation in October and will play a role within the month’s events!! Sadly, that was sarcasm. It seems that a Sasquatch-themed October is very unlikely due to the amount of stuff already going on. However, with night time a regular feature of the Halloween series, it will be interesting to see if the cave really does glow at night like the rumours suggest.

This means that November is the only remaining month of the year which will contain some sort of expedition to discover the animal. Why? Well, it cannot be December as Sasquatch really does not fit in with the Christmas – sorry – Holiday party. November is the absolute perfect time for it to arrive. It keeps the mystery going throughout 3 months and whilst many have already forgotten it exists, it has a old-CP feeling of mystery that continues for some time before it is solved. I.e Puffles (the Yellow, White and Orange in particular) used to appear in the wild every half an hour or so weeks before they were adoptable, which was more exciting than today’s quests for the [insert colour or species] Puffles. 


So, as the Halloween Party approaches and the sunlight of the island makes way for a fortnight-long period of constant darkness, I predict the golden glow of artificial lighting will be seen from the mountain cave visible from Ski Hill; effectively rebooting the mystery of the Sasquatch and proving rumours correct. Penguins will be confused as to who or what lives there. Undoubtedly Herbert will be mentioned, but we know this won’t be the his home due to the Newspaper stating that ‘Others say that it’s the home of the Sasquatch’. Then, as the party is in full swing (or after it ends), more newspaper reports will surface regarding the mysterious light – just in time for November. 

As for what exactly the team have in planned for the great beast of the wilderness, I’m not sure. I look forward to see what it is and hope they have something great planned with an awesome backstory for it. The biggest mystery lay’s with it’s Beta Hat. I can’t wait to hear how “It’s been here since the beginning”. One problem remains however, if my theory is correct, which I think there’s a good chance it is (why else would the Newspaper state the cave glows at night?), what about Card-Jitsu? November has been the month of Ninjas for many years, though I doubt Card-Jitsu Shadow is anywhere near completion yet. We shall have to wait!

Next Time: I will be discussing how to identify whether a penguin has used third-party software to add rare items!

Random CP Fact #25: Entering the code CELEBRA5 on the Unlock Items Online screen will unlock the Spanish 5th Year Hat for your penguin. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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  1. Yet another great post, enjoyed reading this.

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