9th Anniversary Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Ah October, what a fantastic month. Not only do we get the beloved Halloween party, but we also get the awesome CP Anniversary party that always takes place in the Coffee Shop and features cake and of course – that rare hat. For these reasons, it’s no wonder why October is one of the most favoured months within the community. However, with the controversy of 2014 parties thus far, how did the Anniversary party stack up to previous years? This post will be a review of the 9th Anniversary. For Halloween fans, don’t worry! That will be written shortly after this one’s published. Now, onto the review!


The Anniversary party has always been a fine tradition on the island ever since the first way back in 2006. As the name suggests, it is an annual party to celebrate CP’s birthday and always takes place on October 24th. Occurring for one day only, the Anniversary was once the only place you could pick up a rare party hat that would never return. The colours changed every year and many penguins flew (not literally – penguin’s cant fly) to their drawing boards in an effort to design their own versions in hope it would be the real thing. The Coffee Shop was the focal point in terms of room renovation (as it is one of the oldest rooms on the island) as that was, for the most part, where the hat and cake were located. Decorations include cakes, drinks and formerly the fire extinguisher gag CP used to use every year. On rare occasions, other rooms were decorated such as the Book Room and even the Town. However, with CP’s new 2-week-per-party policy, the Anniversary has had to share its’ uptime with the spooky Halloween Party – creating a somewhat odd collaboration between scaring people and celebrating a birthday. Okay then!

Anyway, since these parties both collide nowadays, it means that the Anniversary party has to play second-best to arguably the island’s biggest party of the year. That’s a bit harsh for CP’s smallest annual party of the year in terms of decorations, music and items. So, with this in mind, how did the 9th compete with its’ scarier bigger sibling?


No this isn’t a warning by me or anything regarding spoilers that will spoil the fun of the anniversary the day before it ends. Instead, this was CP’s doing. 2 weeks before the party started. That’s right, CP revealed the party hat design 2 weeks before the party started. Since this is the major point of interest for this party, that is extremely disappointed. When I was younger, I used to be extremely excited whenever October arrived – particularly back in 2007 before I’d attended any Anniversary party. Guessing the party hat colours was one thing, actually logging in and finding a plethora of penguin’s wearing the actual thing was another. Spoiling this destroyed the entire event in my opinion, more so than the Halloween party does.

Even worse, CP didn’t just spoil the hat. In the Newspaper they also showed a segment of the decorated room (including part of the cake and table). That’s truly a new low in terms of spoilers. In the Newspaper of all places, many penguins would see that by mistake and no doubt be ultimately disappointed. A birthday surprise? The only surprise was whether the design will be the classic version or the modernised and oversized version.

Decorated Rooms

Or should that be room? If there was one word to describe CP’s decorative choices in terms of complete rooms it would be minimal. Like prior anniversaries, the Coffee Shop is the only decorated room for the anniversary. No Book Room decor, not even a banner on the Coffee Shop exterior to announce that the party was underway. I feel sorry for new penguins who have no idea about the concept of the anniversary parties – they would literally have no idea it was happening without entering the Coffee Shop!

For the Coffee Shop itself, decorations aren’t bad. Sure, they don’t compete to previous years. They even fail to compete with last year’s museum approach (and they even had a free Old Town background which was a nice touch). This year however, it seems like a day at most was spent designing everything this mini-party has to offer. Such a shame for a party that once had a lot of publicity on the island. Now it simply gets one decorated room and the odd newspaper mention. Does CP care about their own birthday?


Traditionally, the anniversary party only lasted one day which made the exclusive hat even rarer. Slowly the duration has increased. Two days…three days…a week. That’s what we got last year and the same applies this year. A week long Anniversary that started one day before the actual anniversary date. Genius. Of course, this was done on a Thursday at the same time as the Halloween party went online. Personally, I’d prefer it to start on the actual correct date and have a banner outside highlighting the party’s existence. Otherwise, why not just add the hat to everyone’s inventory who logs in? It’d surely save time..(not that I want this to happen, I enjoy the music and decorations, the more the merrier!). Nonetheless, a week is far too long for a party that used to pride itself on being limited edition – along with the hat it offered.

Other Stuff

Like with past anniversaries, Aunt Arctic was the visiting mascot. Past and current staff members also logged in to celebrate the occasion. Although it’s nice CP staff still do this, it still doesn’t compare to the 3rd and arguably best Anniversary party of all time. The entire Town was decorated, CP toys were officially released (and where are they now?) and there was a live broadcast from New York Times Square celebrating the occasion. It really seems to have gone down hill since then, which is, as I’ve said, a major shame.

As always, the Book Room got a new addition to its’ widely popular shelf – the Yearbook 2013/14. Unfortunately, much like the anniversary party, it doesn’t make for an interesting read when compared with the first several. Back then we had a paragraph of information for every party. Now, we get a sentence containing the briefest overview imaginable. In all honestly, it’s like the team didn’t really try for this party. But why would there? There are no member benefits whereas the Halloween party has the potential to have plenty.


The Anniversary remains one of the few annual parties that is guaranteed to get its’ place into CP’s yearly plans. Whilst the 9th may not be the biggest or best we’ve ever had, at least it wasn’t all bad. We got a free hat, had the opportunity to meet Aunt Arctic and some current/former staff members and ultimately got a Halloween party to accompany it. 2014 has had some very poor moments that I’m sure we all agree on and this month seems to have lifted hopes for the rest of the year. So we have that to thank of October at least.

Personally, I like to think of this anniversary as the calm before the storm. Next year marks the biggest milestone in the history of CP – a massive 10 years since launch. CP would make one of the biggest mistakes in their history if they don’t do something major for that. I’m sure they have something planned, until then we have the rest of 2014 and the majority of 2015 to enjoy. Here’s to the Pirate Party!

Random CP Fact #30: Despite being on the game since the beginning, The Coffee Shop actually debuted on Penguin Chat 3, where it was very similar to how the Coffee Shop used to look in CP.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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