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Greetings Penguins!

For once, the title isn’t regarding Club Penguin. In fact, the absence of CP is the whole point of this post! Since the beginning of this website in September 2007, I’ve wanted this website to be unique in comparison to the hundreds of other CP blogs out there. Posting each and every update CP releases in a timely fashion has become the solid foundation when creating a successful blog. Add a custom theme, header, some fancy graphics, a custom domain and you should be on for a winner.

Here at Club Penguin Frontier however, I’ve always wanted something original. For the first several years I did post every update CP released – but so was everyone else. It was hard to become noticed when compared to other fan-sites that were ultimately better designed and written in a more timely fashion. Originality is something that, unfortunately, is lacking within the CP blogging community as so few feel the need to stray away from the norm – why make the website original when all the popular ones simply post about whatever CP updates?

With this in mind, I created my moderately successful Critical Reviews. These reviews, unlike many at the time, were not afraid to criticise CP’s latest efforts at creating a party. Sure, some disagreed with my points but many praised the well written (if I do say so myself!) essay-style structure and upmost honesty when making my points. I enjoy writing the reviews, and will continue to do so for quite some time. The whole point of blogging is that you enjoy it and it shouldn’t be a chore – hence why I stopped blogging about every update released. It became far to tiresome along with schoolwork. I looked forward to new CP content, but despised the idea that I’d have to spend hours posting images, guides and several other bits of content to keep up with the other bloggers.

What is the point in this post?

What is the point in this blog post? Firstly, to provide some history on why I blog certain things and not others. Secondly, it is to introduce something brand new to the site. As some may know, I’m a huge technology enthusiast. Enjoying consoles, smartphones, tablets and laptops alike – technology is a huge part of my life, as I’m sure it is to many readers. Combine my passion for technology with this blog (and ultimately my passion for making reviews and lengthy, wordy blog posts) and what do you get? Blog posts about technology, of course!

I know this may sound odd, a CP blog that posts about technology? What? That’s never been done before! Every so often I shall post reviews of certain pieces of technology. It certainly won’t be something that consumes the site but rather enhances it. As many CP users are also fans of technology, I feel the two can be combined in such a way that makes the blog both interesting to read and unique when compared to the others.

Club Penguin Frontier will not be about CP – what?!

Here’s the fun thing – the CP content won’t stop either. I will continue to post critical reviews of each party as usual – but I will also post certain tech reviews too. It’s a fairly strange concept I admit. It will also hopefully reach out to readers that aren’t even CP players – imagine that? A CP-based website that is read by people who have never created a penguin! It’s an exciting thought. Of course, we won’t become as big as the likes of iMore or Android Central, but will certainly attract readers of different interests.

The writing will remain similar – the correct grammar and of course some sarcastic jokes here and there. I like to think of this website as ‘Jimbobson’s Frontier’ – a place where I, Jimbobson, can post about a plethora of topics without being limited to one in particular (such as CP). Many CP-based websites have attempted to focus on multiple virtual worlds at once, but typically stop once they realise the effort going into such a task. Regardless, I hope this may even inspire some users to incorporate their own different topics to their CP blogs.

But I hate anything that isn’t CP!

No problem! If you notice a post that you’re not interested in simply don’t read it. I don’t expect every reader to be interested in everything I say. If you’re just here for the CP content – like everyone at this time – simply read the CP content and ignore the rest. It’s all completely fine with me!

Why do this?

I like been original. This isn’t the first blog to cover technology related content and by no means will it be the last. But it is the first of its’ kind to be initially CP-based, then evolve into a site that covers multiple topics. ‘Jimbobson’ isn’t just a penguin created in May 2007. It is a unique screen name that isn’t restricted to CP. I like to think of Jimbobson in a similar context as Screenhog or Rocketsnail. Both began on CP then evolved and became associated with far more than just the small snow-covered island we know and love.

I also love reading other people’s opinions on certain pieces of technology that I enjoy. I’ve also always wanted to write reviews and have my opinions heard, so this is the perfect chance.

What about the Club Penguin random facts?

They will still happen, but only on the CP-related posts. It makes no sense to end a tablet computer review with a Club Penguin random fact.

Will the site keep its’ name?

Likewise with the point above. The background/header will remain the same for now. I’ve always loved the CPF name and was surprised to know that it hadn’t been taken already, what with some blogs sounding a bit farfetched in comparison. Regardless, the name will likely be changed to Jimbobson’s Frontier – a name that will also suit the domain.

Target Audience?

Everyone! There will be no swearing or anything like that, therefore the site will appeal to the same audience as it currently does. Possibly expect some bigger words as I attempt to sound more academic though..

When can we expect the first non-CP related post?

Very soon! With the Star Wars Rebels party happening soon, and how I tend to wait until the final days or the conclusion of the party, expect one before my CP critical review.

Can we suggest things to review?

Sure! I’m open to suggestions. Of course, I will have to of had experience of said suggestion otherwise it wouldn’t be a very legit review.

And thus explains what will be happening to the site within the next month. Things won’t change drastically, if anything more posts will be written to fill the monthly gap between critical reviews. On paper, it sounds like it will benefit pretty much every viewer. Stay tuned!

Random CP Fact #37: CP have officially confirmed that February will be a Music-themed month, including a Music-themed party that seems unrelated to anything we’ve seen before.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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