Pins – Does size matter?

Greetings Penguins!

Forget the SoundStudio party for a while and instead feast your mind on another popular topic within the community – pins. Collectable items released every 2 weeks in a random room situated on the island. Once a pin has lived its’ 2 week lifetime, it is retired for good and will never return again. You all know this I’m sure, as pins have been around since March 2006 and continue to be released fortnightly to this day. Despite pins serving the same purpose as they did upon their release 9 years ago, one thing about them has changed, much to the dismay of many penguins.

Big Pins come in Small Packages

Pins began as very small collectables that would be based off of a random object. The first, released in March 2006 was the Shamrock – now known as the rarest pin ever. Hidden in the Coffee Shop, it was certainly no easy task to find. The size of such meant that even the more experienced players failed to hunt it down (increasing its’ rarity even further). The challenge of finding these small, rare and highly collectable objects was ultimately enjoyable. 2 weeks is plenty of time to find even the hardest of pins, and even then penguins were encouraged to work together if they struggled to discover which room possessed the random collectable. As CP was much more basic throughout its’ youth, pins were cleverly hidden and designed in such a way that they would often blend in with their backgrounds.

In rarer cases, pins required clicking on in order to be revealed. The Surfboard Pin (released June 2007 during the Summer Kick Off Party) could be found at the Beacon. However, it was partially hidden by leaves, and thus hovering your cursor over the it would cause it to fall on the floor, enabling player’s to then pick it up. This interactivity represents what pins should be – rare and hard to find.

Supersize Me!

As 2009 progressed, pins became noticeably bigger. Coincidentally, this was also the first year when Screenhog stopped making pins – and we all know how much he loves puzzles and challenges. Previously, pins were around half the size of the player’s avatar (about the same size as a Puffle when walking). As 2009 came to a close and CP celebrated a yet another successful year, pins had actually become bigger than the penguins themselves. This is a rather large difference considering the short time period. The result of course meant that pins were much easier to find. If you entered the room in which one was hidden, it would instantly be obvious. Even those pins that were given away via other means (Scavenger hunt and party rewards etc) appeared large on the player card.

This dramatic growth increase, combined with the pins often being hidden in incredibly obvious places, means that few are happy with the current state of the island’s favourite fortnightly collectables. It’s fairly obvious that CP changed the size of the pins as players – particularly those whom are younger – found the smaller pins simply too challenging to find. The counter-argument to this would be that penguins can, and are often advised to work together in order to find them.

So, does size matter?

The size of pins will never be the reason for someone to quit the game – leave that to the lacklustre parties and dull items. It does however ruin the fun in finding them. Pin’s need to be more challenging to find otherwise their existence seems slightly pointless. When first created, they were supposed to be challenging to find and CP made a big deal about releasing them. Now they seem like a chore that has only survived thus far due to tradition. I don’t expect pins to be fully retired anytime soon, if ever.

But do we really expect the pins to change at all? Player’s feedback doesn’t seem to play a pivotal role in the game anymore, with the likes of an Old CP party, smaller pins and island-wide parties remaining firmly in the player’s minds. Nevertheless, we can always hope that the challenging aspect will someday return to the island. Harder activities, smaller pins, difficult missions. Here’s to the rest of 2015! (SoundStudio Party critical review coming soon, stay tuned!)

Random CP Fact #40: There are currently 303 pins total; including party-exclusive, unlockable and Members-only pins. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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