Frozen Fever Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, my offline life got the better of me once again. Regardless, here’s the Frozen Fever critical review – almost a month after it occurred! Superb timing.


Those who attended the first Frozen party last year felt a powerful sense of deja vu upon exploring CP’s latest party efforts. Why? It was pretty much exactly the same as the first – bar a plethora of pins, a couple of rooms and a few new items. Overall, it felt completely unnecessary. At least the second Marvel Avengers takeover gave us something different from the first. Ultimately, it felt stale and stands as one of the weakest – if not the weakest parties of the year. Personally, this party would’ve been half-decent if this was the first time we were forced to endure another Disney-inspired event. Instead, it failed in more areas than it succeeded. Repetition, repetition, repetition.


Those who hated finding oversized snowflakes last year were sure to hate this years even more. Amazingly, the team reduced the size of the snowflakes. Great, right? Wrong. They were still far too large and provided about as much of a challenge as logging in over the past month has (connection issues have plagued the game recently). There were also a large amount of pins to collect for some reason, but more on that later.


There was once a time when a party contained (typically) 1-3 items. Whilst this sounds lacklustre compared to today’s standards, these items were often very inspiring. Whether clever renditions of real-life items or completely organic designs; these items contained thought and many even included special dances which is an unfortunate rarity nowadays. Regardless, none of this was present within April’s wintery party..

Featuring the exact same items as the first version of a party isn’t uncommon, but there’s usually at least more stuff to do or something unique to that version. Non-members were graced with the exact same selection as last time, bar the pins and a new igloo that was so heavily gender-specific I’m unsure why there wasn’t two of them. Members got a couple of new stuff to play with; all of which were of course inspired by the 7-minute short that inspired the party.

Like last time, Members could adopt the elusive Ola..sorry, Snowman Puffle. Non-members couldn’t, so there was little progress in that respect. Transformations returned also, giving those with little imagination even more reason to play. As for those pins I wrote about previously – there was far too many. 10. 10 pins. Within 2 rooms. 5 per room. All so painfully easy to find. Pointless comes to mind. Just when we thought CP were restoring the once greatness of the ever-growing playercard decorations.


None. Again.


Surprisingly this wasn’t one of my favourite parties of all time. Since its’ announcement few were excited about it and who could blame them? The lack of a plot strikes again and suggests CP simply needed a bit more money and more time to work on other stuff (such as maybe Project Super Secret if that still exists). The same items (bar a few new ones), the same Elsa palace appearance, the same decorations, the same transformations…you get the idea.

Before anybody claims this, yes I do realise Screenhog stated on Twitter how this is what CP should be doing (recycling old parties). However, if CP has any hope of bringing the game back to at least half of its’ former glory, this isn’t the way to do it. It seems like a defeatist approach – but I’m sure this is an overreaction and new content is on the horizon.

Moving Forward..

In 2 days something very interesting happens. CP hosts 2 completely different parties on its’ desktop and mobile platforms. This ensures that the desktop versions’ parties aren’t hindered by the app’s lack of functionality. A very smart move from CP. What are those parties, you ask? The desktop will see the return of The Fair whereas the mobile app will see a Rainbow Puffle celebration event. Though we don’t know too much, we can confirm that The Fair 2015 will be an evolution of 2014’s attempts, rather than the classic 2007/etc offerings. The team also confirmed that my dreaded nemesis ‘The Daily Spin’ will be making an un-welcome return.

In terms of the Rainbow Puffle event, non-members will be available to adopt one of the multicoloured-fluffball for this party. Equality for all!

Random CP Fact #43: The Golden Goggles are a new item released to the game. To own them, player’s must have the highest score out of all their friends (at the end of that respective week) on the Sled Racer mobile app (for iOS and Android). 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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