Festival of Snow 2015 Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Despite the month of June consisting of no official parties as such, today we had an unexpected update. Rather than CP’s usual Thursday/Wednesday tradition, CP instead updated today; 30th June. Why? Possibly so they could say that June did in fact hold a party (which would prevent this years year book from looking unusually empty). Regardless, despite it being a fairly small-scale event, it hit many spots in which modern parties fail too. Which says a lot, for a game in which is always supposed to be progressing.


For those who remember the original Festival of Snow way back in February 2007 (even that was before my time!), then the 2015 version is pretty much the same bar new artwork. Basically, the idea is that players submit their own artwork and a select few become an actual snow sculpture on the island; including a credit to your penguin’s name and an image of the original artwork. It’s a great artwork and involves the players; but unfortunately only two of these festival of snows have existed throughout the island’s history.

Unlike The Fair and Music Jam however, this years’ Festival of Snow remains virtually identical to the one found in 07 as I’ve stated previously. This means that the originality of 2007 really shines through here, complete with island-wide decor and even free item boxes. Yay!


None! Except waddle around and examine the sculptures, original art work and collect the free items. Ah, the simplicity of the old days.


Both the rare Ice Crown and Snowflake Shirt make their return at this event. First released during the original 2007 version, this makes sense. Whilst it may anger the rarest of penguins (if they’re not already angry due to the poor July clothing and igloo catalogues), many new penguins will be thrilled by these original ice-themed items. Even Jimbobson didn’t own these two original iced gems!


None, but that’s okay because pretty much every event in the old days never had a mascot either, except the odd visit from Rockhopper of course.


Island-wide, simplistic and original. The only issue I would pick out here is the lack of interior room decor, but that never happened during the original so it’d be very very critical to expect it during this year’s version.


When I first heard that CP was doing another festival of snow, I didn’t expect it to be as big as the last one. Even if it was, I didn’t expect island-wide decor and especially didn’t expect items – never mind rare items returning. Overall, I enjoyed this event and that’s something I haven’t said and thoroughly meant it in quite a while. Even the music is a joy to listen to. For those old enough to obtain the items during the original event, you may want to calm your rage by looking forward to next month’s party: An Inside Out Takeover! Including Rockhopper! This should be a good one….

Random CP Fact #46: The Ice Crown was first released in February 2007 and hasn’t returned since..until now. The Snowflake T-Shirt however was released in both the Series 2 & 5 Treasure Books.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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