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Greetings Penguins!

This is a page I set up in 2007. Basically, you can advertise your own website or blog by simply posting the URL in the comments. Then others will be able to see your website or blog and hopefully visit it.

Happy viewing!

-Jimbobson (Here is an old photo of me..)

Jim BG

    NO Being mean and spamming and copying are allowed from my site!

  2. Hello I’m slimball2007.
    This site is pretty cool πŸ™‚
    I think you should change the theme.
    I can’t really click the pages.
    Well you have a cool site!
    Could you please add me to your blogroll? :p


  3. Thank-you for that slimball i will add you as soon as i can

  4. Kaylas you have put your site on every page at least once and on this page twice!

  5. go 2
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee penguins it’s awesome and im really nice when u get to know me =)

  6. hey dont ever talk 2 Dalafanini ok.

  7. hey how are you, what do u mean am i afraid????
    Any way how are you,
    you havent talked to me in like fur ever, why????????????????/ 😦

  8. oh i was reading the comments on this page,
    am i like not supposed to comment on ur site any more 😦 because ur cool but that would suck if i couldnt, well you know my site πŸ™‚ lol.~Kaylas96~

  9. Yes you can still post. but plz dont advertise everywhere

  10. PLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEE visit this site and visit my dog Bruiser:

  11. GO TO its new It can really help you!!

  12. Go to
    i got no comments!

  13. Wow. You guys post your site WAAAY to many times. Just mealow out and post it ONCE!

  14. Well, jacques9, you have comments now! I posted a lot of comments, so now you have about…erm…five. A little more, I think.

    Please? *does puppy dog eyes*

  15. Hello everyone. I am a fan of vmk, club penguin, runescape, and Harry Potter. Please visit me on Chat wit me and my guyfriend about ANY RANDOM THING….. ok ttyl

  16. go to for everything Club Penguin, Chowder, Pokemon, Wii, or if you ae just bored

  17. Every Zelda fan NEEDS to visit my site!

    Either click the above link ^^^^^ or my name.


    My website, it’s very “young” and under construction. But, hey, it’s my first website.

  19. Can I be on your blogroll, Jim?

  20. OK! ill add you as soon as i can

  21. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  22. Hey y’all my name is cheyne and backfiore is an Australian comady internet group we do movies and stunts we are hoping to gain 20 or more members in the next two to three months you support would be well appriciated

    =Sorry about spelling errors=


  23. Some funny videos, photography and image hosting. Check out the taser video and the hilarious dog chasing her tail.

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    gallery at



    AND BE MY BUDDY!!!!!!!

  26. Hey! im usually on my main penguin Jimbobson, but i go on Jimbobson 2 alot to.

  27. Hey Mazzy whys egghead gone forever? is he banned?

  28. No, hes not i forgot his pass and it reseted the penguins didnt it?

  29. Please go to http://www.mazzyandmilk.wordpress ! i have no comments well… only 1.. 😦

  30. Please! it only has 17 hits! (I think kaylas was gone after her next comment on this page)

  31. When i said advertise on sites Mazzy, i didnt JUST mean on MINE!
    Lol, thanks for commenting!
    Waddle on!

  32. Hey, Please visit: . I only have 2,120 hits!

    Please please please!


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    And more but i cant name all of them because it will waste time.

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  34. Plz go to my site?!

    Info of site:

    And more but i cant name all of them because it will waste time.

    And there are over 40 pages and over 100 information! πŸ˜€
    This is my site:

  35. please go to this website

  36. This is my website please visit.

  37. my website is
    37f8h’ its really cool!!! plz visit it!! πŸ™‚

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  39. Go to to join the alpaca army of cp!

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  41. New Club Penguin site that I promise is another great alternative to this one!!

    is my blog, plz I need help and a header

  43. Hey, fellow penguins! I’m Frosty Cool7 and I own CPBW Mania. It is all about club penguin, and rarely bin weevils. But if you want more than just news, then CPBW Mania is the zone for you!
    Remember to visit my blog and comment!

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  45. I’m Monkey87153 a CP fanatic! Jim? Can I be a graphics designer for your blog? (I am The Edit/Custom king on instagram for cp!!)

    • Hey Monkey! As tempting as that sounds, I’ve always operated the site alone (ever since 2007) and that’s something I’d never want to change. Thanks for the offer though! If I ever need any graphics designing I’ll come find you πŸ™‚

  46. Bored of Club Penguin?
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