UPDATE: You can now become a ninja! (finally) go to the Dojo and talk to Sensei, and play Card-Jitsu until you earn the Black Belt. Once you earn the Black Belt, you must then challenge Sensei until you defeat him, only then will you earn the Ninja mask and become a real Ninja. As of May 2013, everyone can now become Fire, Water and Snow ninjas!

Pre-Halloween 2008 (2005-2007)

I’m sure many Penguins had heard a lot about Ninjas in the past, before 2008 when the Ninjas, Sensei and Card Jitsu began. Before this time, many believed that standing in the Dojo for 30minutes would turn you into a Ninja. Of course, all these rumours were false. Ninjas first began in Penguin Chat 3 (see the Penguin Chat 3 page), and since then they have been one of the biggest mysteries on CP!

On the old CP homepage, if you clicked the ‘N’ on the Night Club. The blue penguin displayed at the top screen became a Ninja, this also made many penguins believe Ninjas to exist. Not even hacking programs could enable penguins to become Ninjas, although some did let penguins walk on walls, but that’s not what actually makes a penguin a Ninja.

Here are a few pictures of injas in Penguin Chat 3 (a test version of Club Penguin). Back then, Ninjas looked slightly different and even had swords on their back.


Later on, strange shadows appeared at the Lighthouse and Ski Lodge which appeared to be Ninjas. However, they were simply part of the designed room, until after the Halloween party in 2008, when they began to move!


At the actual Halloween party, something happened that would change Ninja history. This was at the Dojo, everytime the lightning flashed, a Ninja’s shadow would appear somewhere around the Dojo. Here’s an example:

(Jimbobson was moved in this picture to show that I actually took it).

Nowadays, Ninjas seem like just an everyday thing. With updates to the Dojo, and new rooms such as the Ninja Hideout. Ninjas are not much of a mystery anymore. Here’s a picture of Jimbobson 2 as a average Ninja. Note: Only members can purchase the Ninja suit and turn ‘invisible’ by dancing.

A while later, a game called Card Jitsu Fire began for Member Ninjas. Penguins had to play Card Jitsu Fire (worked in a different way to the original Card Jitsu) in the Members only room; Fire Dojo, until they received each of the 4 Fire Ninja items. These are: Fiery Helmet, Lava Mask, Magma Coat and Flame Sandals.

Once Penguins had received all of these items, they could then challenge Sensei at a game of Card Jitsu Fire. If they defeated Sensei, he would give them a ‘Fire Gem’ for the ‘Amulet’ item (From the Martial Artworks catalogue in the Ninja Hideout). Fire Ninjas are able to turn invisible (like normal Ninjas) by Waving. And showing their Fire Ability by Dancing. Here’s a picture of Jimbobson 2 wearing the full Fire Suit and it’s dance action:

A year passed and we were introduced to yet a new ninja game; Card Jitsu Water. Although the game is completely different to the original and Fire version, the items were similar to the ones found in Card Jitsu Fire. Water Ninjas are able to create whirlpools around them and make rain fall from the sky (if there is enough of them dancing in one room).

water ninja1

As of May 2013, penguins could play Card Jitsu Snow and earn their third and final gem – the snow gem. Card Jitsu Snow was different to the other Card Jitsu games in the respect that penguins had to work together to defeat Snow Minions created by Sensei’s childhood walrus friend; Tusk. Once penguins had earned the snow gem and defeated Tusk, they were rewarded with the title of snow ninjas. If there are enough snow ninjas dancing in one room, they will cause snow to fall from the sky.

snow ninja1

Many probably think that’s it for ninjas. They have completed their amulet and now their journey is done. Well, not quite yet. It turns out that there will be another game which will feature yet another gem for their amulet, the shadow gem. Although currently unconfirmed and only rumoured, Card Jitsu Shadow is said to be the next and possibly final chapter of the Card Jitsu journey. Take a look at this genuine Card Jitsu card:


Who knows what the future holds for ninjas and what powerful abilities they will possess when they fully complete their amulet. Only time will tell, maybe they will receive the colour dark black? Maybe they will be able to walk on walls? Stay tuned..


  1. u cant become a ninja

  2. Who knows!????????????????

  3. no, now there are counted as ghost i think cuz halloween

  4. Good point, thanx for that!!!!
    P.S thanxfor visiting my site, yours is cool to!

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  7. i knw she is so annoying!!! she advertises everywhere!!!!! im gonna ban her IP!


  9. I beleive COMPLETELY in ninjas and beleive strongly that i will sometime be one… Sooooo… Ninjas ARE real. Reason: I E-mailed CP support asking wether they exist or not and the anser waaaaasss… Hey guess what… YES!!!!


  11. Kaylas your no cool or anything, if your mean like that no one wants to be your friend el stupido! ur a HUGE FAILIER stinking like a pig

    Punk Rockerz: Why on earth are yu being mean to her? remember respect others who visit this site!!

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  14. Yeah, Kaylas, I’m not trying to be rude or lookin’ for a fight, but just advertise your site on Advertise Your Site at the top. Honestly, it’s kind of getting annoying.

  15. is there such things as ninjas?

  16. Im afraid i don’t actually know but i think there will be ninjas in the future.

  17. NO!!! There are not ;( I E-Malied CP support and they said NO ;( NO ;(

  18. Tetris if you dont belive in ninjas then why were you at the Dojo waiting for one! Also CP told me there would be no yellow puffles but there are!

  19. I had NOT seen “Ninja Test” when i commented that.

  20. yeah I saw the penguin in the mirror in the ski lodge

  21. Hey Jimbobson, how did you notice all those hints about the penguin ninjas? When I went to see them, all I saw was shadows.

  22. ye i saw it to and guess what i metb a ninja his name is ninja test1 😦 he is cool and said #ninjas coming soon# YAY hope they do i really wanna become one

  23. Some of those pics were from Penguin Chat 3, which was a old Clubpenguin and it isnt available any more.

  24. Wait Jim. How the heck did you get those pics of Duffle4, the ninja?!

  25. I found those pics on Google! I also found a lot of other very cool pics! Try it and see wot you find!
    Waddle-diddly on! Jim.

  26. jim are ninjas real on cp? im gonnas go on cp now so bye hope ninjas are real on cp who knows

  27. i think i have a pic

  28. i do!

  29. hmmmm

  30. well they are not only hackers i e-mailed cp they said ninjas are FAKE

  31. Ninja Tests are not hackers, there just normal penguins, i made a penguin called Ninja Test16. Also CP would say there not real as they cant tell anyone whats going to happen on CP. CP probably used to say yellow puffles were fake!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  32. im shure that ninjas dont exist rigth now, but im also shure that the will, remember yelow puffles? well just wait and see, im shure ninjas shall exist!^_^

  33. Arrrrrr!Are me ears tellin me that someone is lookin for me now???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. i tried the rumor of not moving in the dojo for half an hour and just talking to keep you logged on. IT IS FALSE. THAT IS A FALSE RUMOR. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS THAT STANDING FOR HALF AN HOUR DOES NOT WORK

  35. You just found that out? thats like 2 years old, everyone knows theres no ninjas on CP YET.

  36. i really want to be a ninja!!

  37. ninjas are real do to the dojo and in the topleft corrner off the screen threr is a hidden buttin click it to see a ninja it works if the dojo is being repairs

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