Greetings Penguins!

I bet you any amount of coins you can’t guess what this page is about. CP’s pets; Puffles of course!

Each type of Puffle has their own personalities, likes/dislikes and abilities. There are currently 11 different types of Puffles, with the first 4 being discovered sometime in late 2005.

Blue Puffles are one of the 4 original puffles and the first to be available for non-members too. They are the most common/iconic puffle. They have a mild temper, are very loyal, often content and are easy to care for. Their favourite toy is a ball, which they can do several tricks with. Blue puffles can be adopted by both members and non-members.


Red Puffles are very adventurous aswell as been enthusiastic, their favourite toys are the Bowling Pins and the Cannon. These puffles originally came from Rockhopper Island, where Rockhopper brought them back as Christmas presents in December 2006. The most famous red puffle is Rockhopper’s who is named Yarr. Red puffles also love to play Catchin’ Waves. Everyone can adopt a Red Puffle.


Pink Puffles are another one of the 4 original puffles. They are very athletic, almost always happy and are prefered amongst female penguins. They love to exercise and their favourite toys are the Jump Rope and Trampoline. Due to their love of water, they love to play Aqua Grabber (and can be seen in Ice Fishing). Only members can adopt a Pink Puffle.


Black Puffles are also one of the 4 original puffles. They often end to be ‘grumpy’, this is due to them having a strong, silent type personality. Their favourite toy is the Skateboard, and they’re sometimes very energetic. Black Puffles are the only Puffles able to set themselves on fire (through the use of Puffle O’s with/without Hot Sauce). Only Members can buy a Black Puffle.


Green Puffles are also one of the first puffles to be discovered. These puffles were once the most popular. They love to clown around and are very energetic and playful. Their favourite toys are the Unicycle and Propeller Cap. A green puffle known as Keeper of the Boiler Room can be found in the Night Club. Only Members can adopt a Green Puffle.


Yellow Puffles were first spotted during the Halloween party of 2007 and became adoptable on November 30th, 2007. They are very artistic and spontaneous aswell as being creative. Their favourite toys are the Paintbursh and Easel, they also can be seen playing with a Camera. These puffles will also play DJ3K with you. There is a yellow puffle at the Stage known as the Keeper of the Stage. Only Members can adopt a Yellow Puffle.


Purple Puffles are sometimes mistaken as being one of the 4 original puffles, when they were actually first available for adoption on August 25th 2006. They are mostly happy and are sometimes fussy eaters, they also love to dance. Their favourite toys are the Bubble Wand and Disco Ball, they also love to play Dance Contest. Before CP changed the appearance of puffles, the purple puffle’s eyes were designed different (and arguably cuter). Famous purple puffles include Aunt Arctic’s (as seen in PSA Mission 1, name unknown) and Cadence’s named Lolz. Only Members can adopt a Purple Puffle.


White Puffles were first discovered at the Ski Village and Dojo Courtyard during the Puffle Party 2009. They were then available for adoption on March 6th 2009. They are gentle yet strong and can be quite shy. Their favourite toy is Ice Skates, and they can turn anything into ice with a single breath! They are also a little smaller than the other Puffles and even rumoured to be somehow related to Ninjas.  Only Members can adopt a White Puffle.


Orange Puffles are very curious and zany. They have much larger teeth than the other Puffles which makes them look goofy, yet still cute. The Orange Puffles were believed to come from the Box Dimension, and were officially released on February 25th 2010. Their favourite toys are the Wagon and Box, they also play with a light blue Hula Hoop. The Orange Puffles are very deep sleepers, and only Members can adopt an Orange Puffle.

Brown Puffles are the most intelligent breed of Puffles. First discovered during the Wilderness Expedition in January 17th 2011 and adoptable exactly a month later (17th February). They are only available for members and enjoy playing with Beakers, Rockets, Plasma Balls and other scientific toys (which would make a great pet for Gary!). For some reason they are afraid of balloons.

brown puffle1

Rainbow Puffles are the most unique out of all the puffles. First spotted in a video made by CP, they became adoptable during the Puffle Party 2013. They are confident, majestic, playful and rumoured to be magical. Rainbow puffles are coloured exactly how a rainbow is (rather than simply random colours). Unlike the others, the rainbow puffles actually lived on a cloud above the island called the Cloud Forest (which explains why a cloud is their favourite ‘toy’). They have the ability to fart sparkles and emit a strange rainbow-like energy.

rainbow puffle handbook1

There are more Puffles yet to be discovered, but so far, there are 11 official Puffles. Non-members can adopt up to 2 (Red/Blue), and Members can adopt up too 22 (2 of each kind). If you have any questions about Puffles, feel free to ask.

Until next time, Waddle on!


  1. phew a lot of work went into that!

  2. Good job Jimbobson, yeah that looks like a lot of work, but it was cool!

  3. cool but you missed out yellow puffles

  4. Yes i no, i made this page before the yellow puffle came out, ill try add him later.
    Waddle on!

  5. Yeah. But first Jimbobson has to find a still picture of the yellow puffle and make a copy of it and paste it on his site (which is cool by the way).

  6. oh cute

  7. Well ive finished the updates about the Yellow puffle! enjoy!

  8. could you post the puffle dances too?

  9. Good idea thanx for that!
    Ill post as soon as i can!

  10. I like shooting peapole! 😈

  11. u forgot the white puffles! lol love ur site!

  12. Nice one. 🙂

  13. You should maybe put in the orange puffles now that have been out for 2 days now but still the wesite is so cool!!! 🙂

  14. Awww…. I Love your site it’s soo cute! i wish the puffles was real in life hahaha thier soo cute!

  15. only nonmembers can apdot all the puffles for real and there no such thing as a yellow puffle

    • If you had logged in to CP recently, you would know that the Yellow Puffle is available at the Pet Shop for Members only. I have been blogging for three years now and know almost all there is to know about CP.

  16. im a nonmember i take a yellow puffle without being a member

  17. Yellow Puffles can be obtainable by Non-Members in several ways.
    1- If a Penguin was a Member, purchased a Yellow Puffle then their Membership expired, they will keep the Yellow Puffle.
    2- The Treasure Book, Penguins can unlock Yellow Puffles from any Series of Treasure Book.
    3- Hacking Programs, although these are against Club Penguin rules.

  18. i feed my yellow puffles and rob the bank to get more money on club penguin and i buy member stuff without being a member

  19. I think we all know that that’s impossible without a cheating program. But if you insist that you do, take a picture of your penguin playercard.

  20. i can hack into the commander room in the hq without a epf

    • You can also get your comments deleted if you keep saying what you can do when you so obviously cannot. Note: The Command Room in the HQ does no longer exist. Log in to CP, a lot has changed.

  21. i just throw a snowball at cam 2

  22. You should add the brown puffles because they are brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. What about the brown and gray puffles

    • I will add the brown puffles soon! Thanks for reminding me! The grey puffles do not yet exist, the closest to these would be black puffles (which aren’t exactly dark black, so can sometimes be mistaken as grey).
      Thanks for commenting and follow CPF!

  24. I am not a member and how do I get membership codes.

  25. Can you please email me a club penguin membership code???????????//

  26. What about the golden puffle

    • This page was made way back in 2007. Although I have updated the contents to include all Puffles up to the Rainbow Puffle, there’s just too many Puffles added to keep up with them. Plus, this page isn’t exactly that popular anymore, thus it seems a waste of time.

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