Quick keys

Greetings Penguins!

These are all the Quick Keys you can use in Club Penguin to access emotes and other activities. Here’s how the Quick Keys work: Simply press the key(s) shown. e.g to say Hello press ‘H’ on your keyboard, to do the Smiling face emote press the letter ‘E’ then the number ‘2’. That’s all there is too it- Simple!


If you do want to use this picture please do not edit it in any way, e.g removing the copyright and Jimbobson pictures. This picture is owned by me and CAN be used on other websites but please give me credit.

Until next time, waddle on!

  1. Oh and if u want to sit forward heres how: face ya penguin forward and then press ‘s’

  2. hey t hnx oh yes and its gump898 not gump878

  3. soz gump898 and rokerz gump said i could copy him

  4. jeez! yu always do the stuff i do!

  5. i dont, u didnt put RH or aunt arctic or G

  6. maybe coz im so intelligent and smart!

  7. lol hey um now that were friends cold u mabe advertise my site a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u would that would be great. i only have 14 comments

  8. lol kayla has only 14 comments!

  9. im gonna help the poor girl!

  10. Wow. Sorry Kayla…. Hey, how do you get the smileys in your post?!?!

  11. I hate it when ppl use the heart! 😦 (How do you make the grossed-out smiley?) I’m a dark blue penguin, but the thing is, I’m a girl who really likes the color blue so every pink penguin comes up to me and puts the heart. It gets sooooo annoying!

  12. hey can some people go on my site coz it only got bout 2 comments!

  13. Sure wot is it called?
    Waddle on and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  14. Finally updated this with all the new emotes 😀
    This one is made by me so I own it. If used on your own website please give me credit.
    Thanks and waddle on!

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