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Card Jitsu Snow: Beta Hat!

Greetings Penguins!

As many will already know, the Card Jitsu beta test has being happening for a while now and it has become fairly successful in terms of players online. Well, as of today, you can now earn the official Card Jitsu Snow BETA HAT!

BUT, how do you get it? Those who have tested before (Beta testing CP, CPIP testing etc) should know that items were automatically added to the penguin’s accounts after testing was over. However, this times different. To earn the hat now, you must log into the beta test ( and play the game. The more you play, the more % you will gain to receiving the item. If you get to the bonus round, you will instantly receive the item on your real penguin (not your beta test penguin that has no clothes/name etc).

cjs beta1

Once you log into your normal penguin account, simply search through your inventory until you find the Card Jitsu Snow beta hat! It’s as simple as that! (hah, a rhyme). Here is how it looks on Jimbobson:

cjs beta hat1

This is one of my personal fave items CP has ever released. I love the party hats already, but with the snowflakes CP added it makes it even more interesting; definitely a soon-to-be-VERY-rare item! I may even wear it instead of my CPIP red hard hat…for a while.

UPDATE: The Snow Beta Hat and Card-Jitsu Snow beta test are both now unavailable. The game will be released in May during a special Card-Jitsu Snow party.

Until next time, Waddle on!