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Spike Hike: The end of an era!

Greetings Penguins!

Earlier this week, Spike Hike announced he would be leaving Disney.

It would be safe to say this shook the Club Penguin community. During this difficult period  of Flash CP – Project Super Secret, users needed stability and comfort. This is where Spike came in. Long-running General Manager of Disney apps (and of course, Club Penguin), he replaced Billybob and faced a massive swarm of attention due to this – whether praise or criticism.

Many believed Spike was “evil”, a replacement to Billybob which never quite settled too well with the games fanbase. Any issue or problem occurred on the game – Spike Hike was to blame. Whilst terribly unfair, Spike Hike continued the legacy left by the original CP founders. It was, and still is to this day, in very good hands. Even during the announcements of Project Super Secret, losing all our items and the new experience being mobile-only, Spike Hike was undoubtedly behind this. Solely? No. With the interests of everyone at heart? Absolutely.

Replacing a member of the community of which existed from the very beginning – and fast-tracked the games’ development since its early days was no easy feat. Spike took the role of a leader, someone to admire and look up to when times turned dark. Today’s meet up with the legendary purple-mohawk bearing penguin showed just how much of an impact this man had upon CP’s legacy. Sure, Billybob was the original manager, but absolutely nobody could argue Spike was significant and upmost the man to thank for CP’s continuous – if not somewhat declining – existence.

He lead us to PSS. For whatever reason, he now decides to leave this island and begin adventures anew. Is this because he was fired? Is this because of CP’s almost dramatic decline into barely-existence? I don’t believe so. Many of us feel the need to move on eventually. As did Rocketsnail. As did Screenhog. As did Happy77. As did Polo Field. As did Businesmoose. And so on. Many of us dislike too much comfort and decide that a new challenge is the most beneficial to our lives. As the overused cliche of 2013 says: You only live once.

We begin a new chapter very soon where we start again. Our current accounts are almost meaningless. Our new adventures await in the form of PSS. Mobile is undoubtedly the future (despite our battery life woes!), and CP on the desktop will continue to exist until Flash ceases to exist. What we can do now is simple: Look to the future. As a player since 2007, I can say – for the first time in many, many years – that I am excited for this new experience. I probably should’ve left this game years ago – just as my friends did. But something maintained my interested in this game and I believe PSS is just that.

Spike Hike, you were and are a truly great leader. Sure, the recent lack of communication was somewhat frustrating but we always knew the you – a long-lasting familiar face upon the CP scene – existed to keep us calm and motivated. You claimed that us, the fanbase, are actually the “new CEO of the game” but we need a familiar face to guide us – just as you did upon Billybob’s resignation.

With a new version of CP (in the form of PSS) rapidly on its’ way – what fans of the game need is familiarity and stability – something in which Spike Hike could’ve delivered during these admittedly difficult times for the game. If not, who will? The community! We exist regardless of the current manager and staff members. But we need someone to provide our faith too. Will this be Megg – a refreshingly young woman able to connect with the majority of players? Who knows. But please, give us something. We need as much support as possible during the transitional period.

A general manager leaving at this point is simply unsettling..

Until next time, Waddle on. And thanks, Spike Hike. For everything over these past few years. Here’s to your future! As well as ours.



The Golden Puffle: My Verdict!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s no secret that the Golden Puffle will be the next coloured puffle to hit the island. In fact, we’ve already seen it. This will be the 2nd new puffle of the year, with the first being the Rainbow Puffle during the Puffle Party. It seems this year CP is really working on making the most popular rumours become a reality. For those who are for some reason still sceptical, here’s the new log off screen featuring our latest furry friend.

golden puffle1

From this screen alone, we are aware that the Golden Puffle will be available for members which isn’t very surprising, but basically means this whole “Quest for the Golden Puffle” mini-event will be worthless for non-members. How kind. Secondly, we can be sure that Golden Puffles will sometimes dig up rare golden items that will probably be the main reason for kids buying Memberships this month. Finally, we can see that this legendary puffle will be found in one of the “new caves” that has been found in the Mine. Exciting!

So what’s my opinion? I love the design of this new puffle, so much so I think it may be my new favourite (alongside the Yellow Puffle). However, it does seem very similar in terms of colour to the Yellow one, just with a golden tint to it’s fur, eyes and mouth. Nevertheless, it looks pretty amazing. However, I am pretty disappointed it will only be for Members. Yeah we all saw this coming, but still. It was nice to hope.

Finally, I really dislike how CP has completely spoiled the whole event; we all know what colour the new puffle will be and are even shown what it will look like! That’s no fun.. Who remembers when new puffles were introduced by surprise? It was certainly a much better experience. Anyway, I look forward to our new arrival and may even buy a Membership just for this lil guy. I sure hope CP make a toy version, though this seems unlikely.

Random CP Fact #15: Puffles were first found on the island in November 2005. Initially there were only Blue, Pink, Green and Black colours. Including the Golden Puffle, there are currently 12 different colours of puffles available.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Teen Beach Summer Jam CRITICAL Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Time for yet another one of my infamous critical reviews. This time, I will be reviewing the Teen Beach Summer Jam (obviously) that is due to end tomorrow. We all remember when it was first announced as a classic mix between the Music Jam, Summer and Water parties of previous years. Well, CP wasn’t wrong. Although sceptical at first, I have found that this party has actually, despite the Teen Beach theme, got a feel of an original CP party – something I haven’t seen since for quite some time. Now time to review the individual features of this party!

Decorations: I was impressed with the decorations found during this month’s party. Most of the rooms on the island are decorated, which we don’t see much of any more really. There was even the introduction of two new rooms designed specifically for this party. This allows us to both surf and take to the roads. Overall, it’s pretty cool. Also, be sure to check out the Stadium/former Ice Rink. The water-themed interactive slide is very fun.

Items: This is where the Summer Jam really surprised me. As with other parties this year, there have been party-themed catalogues full of items for members. Not so much for non-members who got a couple, most of which required an awful time-consuming and annoying task (Dino Dig during the Prehistoric Party, taking ridiculous amount of photos during the Hollywood Party etc). Yes, there was a member themed catalogue but there was also 7 free items for everyone. Yes, 7 free items (including 2 new backgrounds featuring Mack and Brady). Most of which were completely new (not re-released or re-coloured, though the Campfire Marshmallow is very similar to the Marshmallow Stick of Camp Penguin 07). We also saw the release of a lei, named the Friends Forever Lei. We didn’t see the return of the Blue or Hawaiian Lei however, which I’m sure makes many older penguins happy.

Come back everyday: This has become a regular feature in modern CP parties. However, as these items are all nice, summer-themed and totally new, I don’t see any issues with coming back everyday. Especially as we don’t need to complete any tasks to receive the items. It truly has the feel of a classic, “old-CP” style party.

Mascots: This month we saw the return of everyone’s favourite penguin DJ, Cadence, complete with a new giveaway background. This was also the first appearance of her in-game wearing a T-shirt (which is now part of her style as, for some reason, penguin mascots cannot be naked in CP’s eyes). The main focus of the party was definitely the appearances of Mack and Brady – mascot penguins inspired by Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. They have an exclusive background if you manage to hunt either of them down and can also be added to your friends list.

Overall: As stated previously, I’ve actually enjoyed this month’s party. The duration (2 weeks) still feels slightly long in my opinion, but I suppose CP want all the team’s hard work to be showcased for a longer amount of time. As we say goodbye to summer once again, we also say goodbye to Disney-themed parties for the year. That’s right! The rest of the parties this year will be ORIGINAL (as stated by Spike Hike). Let us welcome September which promises the return of our beloved Captain Rockhopper and the Medieval Party 2013, though these are not necessarily going to occur at the same time of the month.

Random CP Fact #10: The first penguin ever created on Club Penguin was Nickname1. It was used to test the naming system and was created by rsnail himself.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Blue Lei set to return?

Greetings Penguins!

I’ve recently heard a lot of rumours regarding the Blue Lei returning at this Thursday’s Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. First there were supposed images of CP Support confirming its’ return, images in which I considered fake (due to the probability of CP Support of all people confirming an items’ return).

For those who don’t know, the Blue Lei is very, very rare neck item that was first released at the Summer Kick Off party in 2006. It then returned a year later at the 2007 Summer Kick Off party (which is when I got the item). As the item was last released 6 years ago, it as an item that many penguins have desired (though admittedly not as much as the Hawaiian Lei – also known as the Red Lei released during the Winter Lua in January 2006). Anyway, here’s a pic of Jimbobson’s Blue Lei:


Up until today I thought that CP would instead release a new coloured lei to please both older and younger players. However, the latest Game On advertisement suggested otherwise. Take a look at this screenshot from the advert:

blue lei2

They’re all wearing BLUE LEIS!!!! So I think this a blatant subliminal message from CP that the item will indeed be returning this Thursday. Hopefully, it will be the ‘cool beach item’ and not a Members only – as that would be very annoying. (Don’t think CP would re-release rare non-member items only for members? See Puffle Digging for details).

In conclusion, I think the return of the Blue Lei will be something many younger players will be looking forward too. I suppose it’s not all bad, it just means us rarer penguins now have to find another neck item to display our rarity! 😉

Random CP Fact #06: Rsnail, CP’s Co-Founder had initially planned for the game to be released in 2010. Billybob decided that they should fast-track CP by working on it full time (as opposed to just a few hours a week by Rsnail himself).

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


Star Wars Takeover CRITICAL REVIEW

Greetings Penguins!

It’s that time again – time for one of my critical reviews. This time I will be reviewing the latest CP party, the Star Wars Takeover. Although it is true that this party is yet another one of the Disney advertisement parties, it is far from bad. In fact, this may be my favourite takeover party yet (Marvel Superhero Takeover aside). Anyway, let me begin.

Items: There are a lot of Star Wars themed items available at this party. The only issue is, that none of them are actually original. Instead, they are simply costumes used in the movie but adapted for penguins. Not very original in my opinion, though still quite fun. Non-members get several items too – with the majority been hats, pins and backgrounds (why no lightsabers?!).

Decorations: Like a few parties this year, CP Island isn’t really decorated. Instead, all the action (and decoration) takes place in space. I especially like the Death Star interior which looks pretty great. Overall, the decorations are quite impressive though it’d be nice to see more decorations on the island itself.

Come back _____ for more items: This has become somewhat of an expectation for modern CP parties. Although it can sometimes be quite annoying, it does make the party less boring. Especially when you can explore new planets and obtain new items when you do return to the game (rather than just buying items from a party-themed catalogue).

Mini-games: The mini games during this party are also pretty fun. First, there’s defeating the Stormtroopers on Tatooine which is a good game in itself. You simply have to shoot Stormtroopers – how cool is that!? Next up, there is the traditional moving blocks to insert the key into the lock (this was used for some Field Op tasks). Finally, on Yavin 4 you defeat TIE Fighters by flying an X-Wing ship. Overall, plenty of stuff to do!

Overall: As stated previously, this has been one of the better Disney takeovers we’ve had on CP. It is clear that the team have spent quite a lot of time developing this party and in my opinion, their work has paid off. As with all parties though, this one isn’t perfect. I would’ve liked more interesting items for everyone and the ability to battle as non-members. Ah well, I guess you can’t win them all. Let us all look forward to next month’s party – Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover!

Random CP Fact #04: If a penguin breaks the rules, they are now issued with a warning instead of an instant ban. However, failure to ignore this warning will result in the banning of your penguin for a number of hours.

Until next time, Let the force be with you.

– Jimbobson

June 2013: Monster’s University!

Greetings Penguins!

I decided to take a well earned break from the slow, harsh gameplay of Card-Jitsu Snow. Earning 24 rewards for 2 penguins is A LOT OF WORK, the glitches don’t help either. Anyways, earlier, Polo Field announced that we will be seeing 3 brand new parties this summer, taking us to new dimensions and places penguins have never seen before. So, what have we got to look forward to in June? Well, know we now!

As the title suggests, June’s party will be based upon the new Disney film, Monster’s University (prequal to Monster’s Inc). I guess this is what the school sketch that was shown from CP Summit was back in April. Want proof that Monster’s University will be the next party? Here you go!

monsters uni1

Although only one image remains, we can blatantly see that it is a section of the flag found in the film. Want more proof? Fine! Just don’t make me play any more Card-Jitsu Snow. Please!

monsters uni2


Want more proof? Tough! That’s all you’re getting. We can fully guarantee that the party will be based upon this latest Disney film. So all of you who thought you were in for a Disney-advertisement-free-summer-on-Club-Penguin best think again.

Anyway, I best get back to playing more Card-Jitsu Snow. I really can’t wait for this long long long long journey to finally be over. I have battled Tank, Scrap and Sly enough times I can remember their movements and annoying noises. Help.

Until next time, Waddle on!



Card-Jitsu Party: Critical First Impressions

Greetings Penguins!

UPDATE: Many of the major bugs that limited gameplay have now been fixed. However, the journey to becoming a Snow Ninja is incredibly long, earning all 24 rewards will take many, many hours. Patience and you shall be rewarded. NINJA VANISH!

The most highly anticipated party of 2013 is here! The Card-Jitsu party has begun and it’s great! Well, sort of. Firstly, there’s the non-member items. Like the last Card-Jitsu party, there are two elemental headbands (returning from last year) with the introduction of a new one – the snow headband. The rest of the items are for members. Sensei does have a new free background for everyone however.

Next, you’ll notice the Dojo Courtyard and Dojo interior has been completely redesigned. It looks brilliant in my opinion, though it’ll be sad to see the end of the Ninja Hideout (that was stupidly made for everyone, not just ninjas). The whole island is decorated, with each respective element (fire, snow and water) having their respective rooms.

The main point of this party is to introduce Card-Jitsu Snow. It’s very similar to how it was in beta testing, but everything has been coloured and looks amazing. However, the game itself isn’t, unfortunately. Instead, the game is filled with bugs, something in which should be fixed in a game that was publicly beta tested. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game, though very slow paced and takes a while to get even one item, nevermind 24. We do learn about Sensei’s backstory with his walrus friend Tusk which is interesting, though reminds me a lot of Kung Fu Panda’s narrative.

So overall the party seems good so far, everyone is able to join in the Card-Jitsu Snow game as it’s not members only. Remember, you can ONLY use power cards for this game!

Until next time, Good luck, Grasshoppers.


Card Jitsu Snow: Beta Hat!

Greetings Penguins!

As many will already know, the Card Jitsu beta test has being happening for a while now and it has become fairly successful in terms of players online. Well, as of today, you can now earn the official Card Jitsu Snow BETA HAT!

BUT, how do you get it? Those who have tested before (Beta testing CP, CPIP testing etc) should know that items were automatically added to the penguin’s accounts after testing was over. However, this times different. To earn the hat now, you must log into the beta test ( and play the game. The more you play, the more % you will gain to receiving the item. If you get to the bonus round, you will instantly receive the item on your real penguin (not your beta test penguin that has no clothes/name etc).

cjs beta1

Once you log into your normal penguin account, simply search through your inventory until you find the Card Jitsu Snow beta hat! It’s as simple as that! (hah, a rhyme). Here is how it looks on Jimbobson:

cjs beta hat1

This is one of my personal fave items CP has ever released. I love the party hats already, but with the snowflakes CP added it makes it even more interesting; definitely a soon-to-be-VERY-rare item! I may even wear it instead of my CPIP red hard hat…for a while.

UPDATE: The Snow Beta Hat and Card-Jitsu Snow beta test are both now unavailable. The game will be released in May during a special Card-Jitsu Snow party.

Until next time, Waddle on!


Bye Bye Businesmoose!

Greetings Penguins!

Today Businesmoose announced that he will be leaving CP ‘for new adventures’. He will remain helping the team until the first week of April. Although Businesmoose has only recently become a blogger on the What’s New blog, he actually started working for CP in 2007! (Though has the Shamrock and other rare pins).

However, not all is lost! There are 4 other moderators/staff members up for the job as blogger, and we can decide who it will be! The candidates are; Tour Guide, Ninja, Smulley or Robo Bird. Personally I think Ninja sounds like a pretty amazing name for a blogger.

Anyways, Businesmoose’s departure has got me wondering – why are all the old workers leaving lately? I expected Moose to stay for several years but obviously not. Why would he want to leave one the biggest virtual worlds on the web? I wonder if he doesn’t agree with Disney/CP anymore..or perhaps he actually does want to move on to new things. Who knows.

Until next time, Waddle on!


CPF in focus: Parties – Then and Now

Greetings Penguins!

Time for yet another CPF in focus. This time, I will be discussing the parties on CP and how they have changed throughout the years.

2005 – 2007

Parties throughout this period were original, creative and simple. There were much fewer decorations in comparison to today’s parties (such as the Halloween party 2005). CP was more generous to non-members back then, giving several free items out per party! The average party only lasted for around 3 days.

Late 2008 – 2011(ish)

Parties started to become more complex, with many returning each year (Music Jam..). Throughout 2009-2011 especially, CP started to add more features for members at parties and the duration of ’em began to last longer. Items were often returned from older parties, with most of the non-member items being hats. Lots and lots of hats.


Many new parties such as the Marvel Superhero Takeover and Fashion Show were added. From June to August, CP held parties that involved some kind of promotion offline (Marvel, Shake it Up and Innocent Smoothes respectively). Many penguins disliked this due to them believing it was an annoying attempt by Disney to make more money. The parties lasted longer, the member benefits remained (such as the ability to transform during some parties) and non-members got a lot of hats and backgrounds. The remaining original co-founders also left, taking the “old” CP with them.

2013 (Now!)

Although we have only had 2 (very soon to be 3) parties this year, we can see a pattern of what’s happening. CP has now given each party an average duration of about 2 weeks (which is far too long in my opinion). The items take much longer to obtain (I’m looking at you, Dino Dig. Grr) and CP releases a ridiculous amount of sneak peeks before the party has began; making each one very predictable and often boring.

I mean, c’mon. 2013’s parties have not been the best. First was the Prehistoric Party, not bad but, just, slow. Transforming was perhaps the highlight, where’s the excitement or creativity? Then we had the Hollywood party. This one annoyed me, why did CP remove the St. Patrick’s Day party? To make everyone feel welcome by not having location-based holidays. So what do they do instead? Make a party devoted to a specific place in the USA?

My opinion?

I hope CP becomes more original and creative with their ideas. I want parties like we had in 2007 (Summer kick off and the Water party were brilliant), or at least a party that we don’t have 10 sneak peeks of, showing every single room and item before its actually released (Puffle Party 2013..we know what the Rainbow puffle looks like, we know what the room looks like, we know what the items look like. How is that fun?!).

Until next time, Waddle on!