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Spike Hike: The end of an era!

Greetings Penguins!

Earlier this week, Spike Hike announced he would be leaving Disney.

It would be safe to say this shook the Club Penguin community. During this difficult period  of Flash CP – Project Super Secret, users needed stability and comfort. This is where Spike came in. Long-running General Manager of Disney apps (and of course, Club Penguin), he replaced Billybob and faced a massive swarm of attention due to this – whether praise or criticism.

Many believed Spike was “evil”, a replacement to Billybob which never quite settled too well with the games fanbase. Any issue or problem occurred on the game – Spike Hike was to blame. Whilst terribly unfair, Spike Hike continued the legacy left by the original CP founders. It was, and still is to this day, in very good hands. Even during the announcements of Project Super Secret, losing all our items and the new experience being mobile-only, Spike Hike was undoubtedly behind this. Solely? No. With the interests of everyone at heart? Absolutely.

Replacing a member of the community of which existed from the very beginning – and fast-tracked the games’ development since its early days was no easy feat. Spike took the role of a leader, someone to admire and look up to when times turned dark. Today’s meet up with the legendary purple-mohawk bearing penguin showed just how much of an impact this man had upon CP’s legacy. Sure, Billybob was the original manager, but absolutely nobody could argue Spike was significant and upmost the man to thank for CP’s continuous – if not somewhat declining – existence.

He lead us to PSS. For whatever reason, he now decides to leave this island and begin adventures anew. Is this because he was fired? Is this because of CP’s almost dramatic decline into barely-existence? I don’t believe so. Many of us feel the need to move on eventually. As did Rocketsnail. As did Screenhog. As did Happy77. As did Polo Field. As did Businesmoose. And so on. Many of us dislike too much comfort and decide that a new challenge is the most beneficial to our lives. As the overused cliche of 2013 says: You only live once.

We begin a new chapter very soon where we start again. Our current accounts are almost meaningless. Our new adventures await in the form of PSS. Mobile is undoubtedly the future (despite our battery life woes!), and CP on the desktop will continue to exist until Flash ceases to exist. What we can do now is simple: Look to the future. As a player since 2007, I can say – for the first time in many, many years – that I am excited for this new experience. I probably should’ve left this game years ago – just as my friends did. But something maintained my interested in this game and I believe PSS is just that.

Spike Hike, you were and are a truly great leader. Sure, the recent lack of communication was somewhat frustrating but we always knew the you – a long-lasting familiar face upon the CP scene – existed to keep us calm and motivated. You claimed that us, the fanbase, are actually the “new CEO of the game” but we need a familiar face to guide us – just as you did upon Billybob’s resignation.

With a new version of CP (in the form of PSS) rapidly on its’ way – what fans of the game need is familiarity and stability – something in which Spike Hike could’ve delivered during these admittedly difficult times for the game. If not, who will? The community! We exist regardless of the current manager and staff members. But we need someone to provide our faith too. Will this be Megg – a refreshingly young woman able to connect with the majority of players? Who knows. But please, give us something. We need as much support as possible during the transitional period.

A general manager leaving at this point is simply unsettling..

Until next time, Waddle on. And thanks, Spike Hike. For everything over these past few years. Here’s to your future! As well as ours.



Descendants Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Okay so what’s a Descendants exactly? Oh, a Disney thing? Right okay then. With absolutely no knowledge of the film whatsoever, this one was new to me. It’s not animated, but it focuses on the offspring of infamous Disney villains. A fairly cool sounding concept that surely sounds like it’d be pretty fun on CP right? RIGHT?!


Well, truth be told there isn’t a lot of it. Many have dubbed it as an overblown mini-party, which is exactly what it is. With the focus undoubtedly on October’s two major events; the 10th anniversary and the Halloween party 2015, the team can be forgiven for giving us such a small and rather insignificant party. Regardless, there are three decorated rooms and a fair few items to collect, so let’s look at what else this party brings.


Log in and pick up the items! No literally, that’s it. For a party that pretty much encourages players to be ‘bad in a good way’ (wha?), there’s no way to actually be bad. Activities are somewhat needed at this party. Maybe have players throwing tomatoes or something rotten around the school? Grafitti? Pranks? Instead, we got nothing.


This was certainly the highlight of the minuscule event – ironic considering this is the area most ‘big’ parties tend to need so much more improvement on (at least from a non-member’s perspective). Everyone received a plethora of hand items whilst Members got their usual wigs and body costumes. Whilst many hand items of the past have been so small they might as well not exist, these were fairly nice. From a dog stuffie to a wand, the Descendants party surely gave us some pretty fun items to play with. For sure though, my (and many other players’) favourite item was by far the Dude (Dog) Stuffie.


None! Moving on..


Whilst three decorated rooms sounds lacklustre and almost insulting – especially for a sponsored party, exceptions can be made due to two major factors:

1) The team is very busy constructing the Halloween Party (2015) and what looks to be the biggest Anniversary party ever.

2) The ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ mini-event was also going on. This basically means we got two very different parties at once.

Regardless, the three decorated rooms are altered nicely. Not overly complex but not 2006-era simplistic either. The Iceberg also got a major redesign that was undoubtedly the highlight of the party – at least in terms of design (and role play opportunities).


It’s hard to say whether I liked this party or not in all honesty. I wasn’t very passionate about the Descendants, meaning my opinion could be somewhat biased. I do imagine that the fans of the Disney Channel original film would be even more disappointed however, due to the sheer minimalistic approach compared to the much larger-scale of other sponsored parties. However, all can be forgiven when we look forward to the 10th Anniversary / Halloween Party.

So, with the 10th Anniversary kicking off in a few days time and lasting the entire month (only the Coffee Shop will be decorated when the Halloween Party starts), we certainly have something pretty amazing to look forward too in the form of the biggest Anniversary party ever – as well as a huge milestone in CP’s decade-long life. Then, after all that’s over, we have the Halloween Party 2015 to look forward too. These are always amazing events, with the richest decorations and plots ensuring October is always up there for being the best and certainly the biggest month of the year. I can’t wait!

Random CP Fact #49: The Halloween party in 2008 saw a storm destroy part of the Dojo. When the party ended, Sensei, the Dojo Courtyard, Card Jitsu and of course – Ninjas were all introduced to the game. Whilst that year’s spooky event introduced a storm (complete with animated lightning), it wasn’t the first to take place at night. That award goes to the Halloween Party 2006. 

Until next time, Waddle on!


Halloween Party 2014 Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

With October well over with and November now in full swing, we can all reflect on October and agree it was a pretty successful month – as it usually is. The collaboration of two classic annual parties is something that isn’t seen in any other month of the year. I’ve already reviewed the 9th Anniversary party and, whilst it certainly wasn’t the biggest or most surprising of the series, it still gave us some originality that we see so much less of nowadays. This post focuses on a party that not only is the biggest of the October duo, but arguably the biggest in the calendar year – every year. Now, let’s begin.


The Puffle Hotel served as the fundamental location this time. Supposedly haunted by ghostly goings-on, Gary informed us that his Great Uncle Gariwald VIII (the same from Halloween 2012) had gone missing in the Hotel which now has a staggering 13 floors. Upon entering the Hotel and being introduced with a new Hotel bellhop named Skip, narrative thus far was actually a narrative. Something was happening other than Cadence’s friends coming to visit. A very, very welcome change. Though not as in-depth and complex as the plot during Operation: Blackout (arguably the best party ever in terms of plot), it definitely felt refreshing to actually have a story. An interesting story at that (come on, who didn’t want to know what happened to Gary’s ghost of a great uncle?!).

After extensive waiting and puzzle solving, we found out that Skip was actually an evil ghost whom stole the Ghost Puffles (and Gariwald) in order to extract their energy using his dodgy machines in order to haunt the island. Not only this, but he also tricks and ultimately traps the player. After escaping thanks to Gariwald’s blatant hints on how to do so, Skip is then defeated, flies away and the island is saved. Hurray! Wait, shouldn’t we do something about an evil ghost who just got away? No? Oh, alrighty then.

Despite containing a giant twist that very few saw coming, Skip seemed lacking in character somewhat. He was seemingly trying to terrorise the island – but why exactly? Herbert has his reasons for his evil plans, but Skip just seemed to be a random annoyed ghost whom had a lust for scaring everyone. At one point, he states that he’s not letting you mess his plans up as “It’s his ticket to the big leagues”. What does this even mean? Does he want to be famous or something? I would’ve preferred Skip to have more of a motive behind his actions. Instead, he seems to be a little fame-obsessed. And dead. Definitely dead. Regardless, the plot, despite its’ several flaws, it still manages to engage and indeed shock the player which is certainly a welcome addition that makes the 2014 version of the Halloween Party unique when compared to the others. Will Skip return someday though?


Quests containing puzzles have been the norm for a majority of parties this year and the Halloween Party 2014 is no exception. Whilst some of the puzzles were fun and required some thinking, others were lacking in comparison. For example, in one room user’s had to simply click on pumpkins to crush them. That’s not really a puzzle or challenging. I guess the challenge was to figure out what to do as opposed to finding out how to do it.

The final puzzle was to free Gariwald and the Ghost Puffles and to ultimately stop Skip from haunting the island. However, Gariwald’s hints were a huge giveaway. He basically instructed the player how to do escape the cage and distract Skip. Not to mention anyone who’s been a member of the EPF for several years would probably of had a case of deja vu, as the recycling of puzzles became evident (throwing snowballs at a power box…sounds familiar).

This party also saw the re-introduction of the infamous ‘come back every day’ feature. Many dislike this as it means they have to log in every day to complete a puzzle/earn items. This was once the norm for many of CP’s parties and served as a cheap way to get more penguins logging in. However, more recent parties such as the Frozen Party didn’t include this feature and instead allowed player’s to complete all the puzzles (if you could call em’ that) in 10 minutes or less if the player wanted to.

I personally felt the [Frozen] party seemed to be far too easy and quick to finish, which is a complete juxtaposition of its’ lengthy duration. Yes, it worked in the older days due to parties being simplistic and having a short duration of a few days, but since newer parties last so long, I feel the ‘come back every day’ feature works better. If player’s really dislike this that much, then simply log in on the final day when everything is unlocked. Simple!


Contrary to what several believed when they saw an unreleased screenshot of the Plaza from CP’s files, the whole island was indeed decorated with the iconic dark night sky. Though there wasn’t a storm this time, the night sky always brings a completely new atmosphere to the island and this has made many want a night/day feature on the island, as well as some weather conditions that we’ve on rare occasions in the past (The Great Storm of 2010 included dark clouds and even rain!).

The Hotel and its’ interior were both decorated for once. Though, these rooms were the focal point on the party and thus had to be decorated. Most rooms had returned from previous years, including the slime pool in the Underground Pool which never seems to get any attention at all anymore. Some rooms however, mainly the interiors of the Plaza (bar the Hotel) and the Town (not including the Coffee Shop during the Anniversary) remained undecorated, which is slightly disappointing but when compared to all parties this year the decorations are huge.

One aspect that disappointed me was Ski Hill. Yes, it had the pumpkin scarecrow and the night sky, but the cave that apparently belongs to the Sasquatch didn’t glow. Why would it, you ask? Aunt Arctic stated in the CP Times that the cave was rumoured to glow at night – indicating that someone or something lived there. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case during the eternal darkness of a  fortnight and personally I believe CP missed out on the perfect opportunity to reboot this rumour. Ah well, maybe they’re saving it for when night and day comes to the island? Who knows..


I always love Halloween items. They’re usually spooky with a comedic twist that makes them popular throughout the whole year. During CP’s youth, the Ghost and Clown Costumes were both very popular items, and this hasn’t changed much throughout the years. In the case of the 2014 version, all the free items were new. Non-Members were treated to a series of head and hand items, including a Magic Hat, a Ghostly Suitcase, a Little Jack’O’Lantern on a chain leash and even a jar of Newt eyes (amongst others).

As always, Member’s got their added bonus of even more items, such as a Web Hoodie, Spectral Ghost Costume, Ghost Puffle Costume, Skeleton Mask and Shadow Wings. These items obviously were a range of body items and not just limited to head and hand like with the non-members. In total, non-members got 7 items and members got 14 (including those available for everyone) which is a large amount for any party. So in this respect, the party did definitely not disappoint. However, I would’ve liked a bigger variety of items as opposed to the majority being for the head/hands.


2014 hasn’t been the best year in terms of parties. We all know that. The Halloween Party 2014 stands out a lot more this year than it has any other year. The lack of a proper narrative structure and a plethora of decorations in the majority of parties this year means that this and indeed any other recent Halloween Party would stand out in 2014. I personally found that this year’s version was a positive approach that I hope CP continues into the remainder of the year. Whilst not perfect, and doesn’t compare to my all time fave (2008 – the thunderstorm, the scavenger hunt, introduction of ninjas…awesome), it’s still a great party that’s firmly earned its’ place as my favourite of the year thus far. Will the Pirate Party or Holiday Party 2014 change this? I sure hope so!

So that ends yet another critical review. We now only have two more parties left of 2014. As we already know, November will be the month of pirates as the Pirate Party returns along with everyone’s favourite and somewhat neglected captain. Many speculate we will be finally able to reach Rockhopper Island for the first time, which would be interesting to say the least. That all kicks off on the 20th, let’s hope its’ amazing!

Random CP Fact #31: Players used to be able to type numbers in the first couple of years in Club Penguin. This was eventually changed as many were sharing personal information such as their phone numbers. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Hacker or No Hacker?

Greetings Penguins!

Don’t worry about the critical review for the School & Skate Party – that’s coming soon! For now though, the focus will be on the recent rise in hacking that’s plagued the game with Beta Hats and Red Leis. Hacking is no alien to CP; it has been around even since the beginning (though on a much lesser scale).

In the old days (2007 in particular), there were numerous CP Trainers (which are third-party software developed to edit the game in certain ways, they are against CP’s rules) that would allow you to become Rockhopper, have Member-only Puffles as a non-member and add as much coins to your account as possible. However, all these trainers were soon fixed by the CP Team. Some promised the ability to add free membership, others tried to convince that they possessed the ability to add rare items like the Beta Hat. There were other perks too, like the ability to walk on walls so they appeared to be Ninjas (which were heavily rumoured on the island up until their official release in November 2008). Any penguins spotted hacking were (almost) instantly banned.

Throughout this year, hacking has seen arguably its’ biggest rise ever. Yes there were many, many trainers back during CP’s youth, but the programs of today seem to contain a bigger threat. Why? Well, most of these hacking programs seen currently are Item Adders. As the name suggests, these programs can add items to your account. Some can add just the non-patched items (Code Items in particular are very popular) whereas some can add absolutely any item in the game. All you need to do is enter your account information (which is never recommended) and the ID of the item you want. Simple.

This means that a ridiculous amount of penguins can be seen wearing Beta Hats and other rare items, even in hugely populated servers like Blizzard. How can people get away with blatantly flaunting that they are a hacker on the busiest server in the game? Shouldn’t there be moderators keeping an eye on this server in particular? Regardless of this, very few penguins have been banned due to hacking. Admittedly, rarity is not what it used to be. A legit Beta can barely get a crowd of 3 penguins never mind the potential to create huge crowds rivalling today’s mascots.

How to spot a Hacker 

So, you go onto a server. Whether it be the energetic Blizzard or the calm rare-show-off-fest known as Sleet, chances are you will see a rare Beta Hat (or not) wearing penguin at some point. But, is it the real deal or a rule-breaker? In some cases, it’s impossible to tell. However, there are a few simple ways to check that are usually very effective for catching out the amateur hackers.

1) Pins

With the introduction of the Stamp Book, seeing if a penguin is genuine or not never became easier. Simply go on the penguin in question’s Stamp Book and check their pins. Do they have a lot of pins? Are they all from 2006+ or is their first pin one that was released last week? In many cases, their first pin will be Rockhopper’s Key. Originally released in 2008 but still available today, it is often the first pin in many penguin’s collections. If their first pin is Rockhopper’s Key, you can bet your Puffle that you have discovered a hacker.

Unfortunately, this step has a significant flaw. Since penguins can add any item using particular programs nowadays, they can also hack pins. This means that, more than likely, if a penguin is willing to hack a Beta Hat he/she is just as likely to hack the first few pins such as the Shamrock, Music Note and Pizza Slice. Beware of this, as it is very misleading. However, if said penguin has the first few pins then their collection misses a bunch of pins and skips to Rockhopper’s Key (or a more recent pin), it is also likely he/she is a hacker.

2) Stamps

Again with the Stamp Book, it has become one of the most defining elements for discovering hackers. This method catches out most amateur hackers and is one that few think of, but in fact is extremely simple and logical. As you may know, there are certain stamps to look out for. These are both located under the Activities section and will fully determine if a penguin really is as old as they say they are. The stamps to look out for are called ‘183 Days!’ and ‘365 Days! respectively. Both are obtained when you log in with a penguin of that age or older.

Since Beta Testing was way back in 2005, the age of a penguin with a Beta Hat would dramatically exceed these numbers and thus, they will easily have both of these stamps. If they don’t have these stamps but instead have a Beta Hat or other rare item that is unavailable by any other means, you can bet 1 million coins you’ve found a hacker. Congratulations!

3) Penguin ID 

Did you know that your penguin has a penguin ID? This is the ID given to each and every penguin to ever sign up to the game. This ID is representative of when you signed up. For example, if you were the 1000th person to sign up to Club Penguin, your Penguin’s ID will be 1000. Simple stuff, right? Well, since Beta Testers were amongst the first few to play the game, their penguin’s ID must be under 15,000 to be legitimate Beta Tester. If they have a ridiculously large ID such as one that exceeds one million, well, it’s obvious what they are.

The only issue with this method is that you cannot check a penguin’s ID in-game (unless they have the name P, followed by a bunch of numbers – which is their ID, e.g P1000000). Whilst it is true that some programs show a penguin’s ID, please remember programs are against the CP rules. Though I guess if it’s for catching out hackers – it’s more like a good deed. You can always try contacting CP with the suspected penguin’s Username and perhaps they could check. If you’ve been given this penguin by a friend, it makes checking that much easier. However, the method listed below is the ultimate way of checking – though the most difficult to do.

4) Checking a Penguin’s Age

This is the final method of checking if someone is legit or not. However, it is impossible to do without actually having the penguin’s account information. With this in mind, it’s only effective for those who have been given a penguin or have somehow acquired the username and password. As this step possesses such a huge flaw, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s probably not even worth your time to go this far into the case in all honesty.

So, You’ve discovered a Hacker!

It’s very likely at some point, using one or several of these steps that you will discover a hacked penguin. But what exactly do you do at this stage? You can always report said player and cross your flippers that they will get banned (though this seems unlikely due to how relaxed CP seems to be with all the hacking going on lately). If hackers disgust you in ways you cannot possibly describe in words, simply ignore them for a hacker-free experience. Or, if you feel like been extra evil, you can always crush their dreams by announcing that they are a hacker in front of everyone. That will surely catch ’em out!

Next Time: School & Skate Party Critical Review!

Random CP Fact #26: Next month’s annual Halloween Party will be the 10th to occur on the island. The very first began on October 27th 2005. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Introducing the Puffle Park & Fog Forest!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s almost guaranteed that every year brings a new room to the island. Last year we had the Puffle Hotel plus the Snow Dojo. As the title heavily suggests, we will be getting two new rooms. The Puffle Park will be an extension to the Pet Shop and will be arriving in April with the annual Puffle Party. Here’s a screenshot Polo Field gave us earlier showing how it looks:


It looks great in my opinion, the whole nature theme is present and it’s not an overcrowded mess like the Pet Shop currently is. I do wish Polo Field only showed part of the room though and left the rest for the party. Nevertheless, we can be sure our Puffles will interact with the park items.

The next room is a strange one. It was found by some players and can currently be accessed by visiting and logging in with your usual account details.Upon logging in successfully, you will be placed in a room called Fog Forest. Little is known about this room but it’s definitely…foggy.

fog forest1


You may also notice there’s a shadow of a large penguin holding what looks to be a puffle in the top right of the Fog Forest. There also looks to be a shadowed giant puffle behind that. Very strange!

In other news: The CP iPad app (which will be for iPhone and iPod Touch in a few weeks, Android is still 6 months away) will receive another big update soon. Update 1.4 will feature Puffles for the very first time. They apparently look awesome in 3D so that should be pretty nice. Speaking of Puffles, there will be at least 2 more this year. One is the Cat Puffle and the other, a Dog Puffle (I don’t even know why these need to exist). Both are expected to début with the next version of the app.

Random CP Fact #19: Club Penguin recently released a new code that unlocks a Red & Yellow Party Hat. This party hat celebrates 5 years since CP was released in French. The code is CADEAUCP.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Star Wars Takeover CRITICAL REVIEW

Greetings Penguins!

It’s that time again – time for one of my critical reviews. This time I will be reviewing the latest CP party, the Star Wars Takeover. Although it is true that this party is yet another one of the Disney advertisement parties, it is far from bad. In fact, this may be my favourite takeover party yet (Marvel Superhero Takeover aside). Anyway, let me begin.

Items: There are a lot of Star Wars themed items available at this party. The only issue is, that none of them are actually original. Instead, they are simply costumes used in the movie but adapted for penguins. Not very original in my opinion, though still quite fun. Non-members get several items too – with the majority been hats, pins and backgrounds (why no lightsabers?!).

Decorations: Like a few parties this year, CP Island isn’t really decorated. Instead, all the action (and decoration) takes place in space. I especially like the Death Star interior which looks pretty great. Overall, the decorations are quite impressive though it’d be nice to see more decorations on the island itself.

Come back _____ for more items: This has become somewhat of an expectation for modern CP parties. Although it can sometimes be quite annoying, it does make the party less boring. Especially when you can explore new planets and obtain new items when you do return to the game (rather than just buying items from a party-themed catalogue).

Mini-games: The mini games during this party are also pretty fun. First, there’s defeating the Stormtroopers on Tatooine which is a good game in itself. You simply have to shoot Stormtroopers – how cool is that!? Next up, there is the traditional moving blocks to insert the key into the lock (this was used for some Field Op tasks). Finally, on Yavin 4 you defeat TIE Fighters by flying an X-Wing ship. Overall, plenty of stuff to do!

Overall: As stated previously, this has been one of the better Disney takeovers we’ve had on CP. It is clear that the team have spent quite a lot of time developing this party and in my opinion, their work has paid off. As with all parties though, this one isn’t perfect. I would’ve liked more interesting items for everyone and the ability to battle as non-members. Ah well, I guess you can’t win them all. Let us all look forward to next month’s party – Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover!

Random CP Fact #04: If a penguin breaks the rules, they are now issued with a warning instead of an instant ban. However, failure to ignore this warning will result in the banning of your penguin for a number of hours.

Until next time, Let the force be with you.

– Jimbobson

Upcoming Parties in CP! (UPDATED)

Greetings Penguins!

UPDATE: I have now added other parties which have been confirmed or strongly hinted at. This should be a guaranteed list of parties for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

Well I finally did it. I earned all 24 rewards from Card-Jitsu Snow on BOTH Jimbobson and Jimbobson 2. That, took, ages. Anyway, as you may recall (it was only yesterday so hopefully) I posted previously regarding the Monster’s University party in which will be happening in June. Well Spike Hike released some info regarding July’s party too!

music jam1

This means that July’s party will be a summer-themed party with elements of the Music Jam – It’s a combination of the two! I have to say the summer parties back in 06/07/08 were amazing so I’m looking forward to this one in particular. I hope CP will keep Disney advertising out of this one, particularly Rocky and CeCe from last year’s Ultimate Jam (they were a huge pain to find..). Now that we know this we can have a rough estimate as to what other parties we’ll be seeing this year.

June: Monster’s University Takeover – As talked about in the post yesterday, this party will be themed upon Disney Pixar’s upcoming movie (sequal to Monster’s Inc). This probably indicates that there will be several Monster’s related items and costumes and perhaps even a mascot to accompany them.

July: Star Wars Takeover: – Originally shown on Herbert’s website, the logo of a Star Wars Takeover was shown which confirms that the party does exist and will take place in July. This party has been suggested and rumoured for many years now. This will be Disney’s third advertisement party of the year.

August: Teen Beach Movie Takeover: – Disney’s fourth and (hopefully) final advertisement party of 2013. It is believed that this is the summer party Spike Hike tweeted about.

September: The Fair (most likely) –September usually means one thing on CP; The Fair (formerly known as Fall Fair). I’m guessing this will also apply this year, especially after the “monthly parties” slideshow shown at the CP Summit media event.

October: Halloween/8th Anniversary!! – I will be very very very surprised if this isn’t 100% correct (which I’m sure it is). This is one of CP’s biggest parties of the year. The decorations are usually awesome, the items are also fun and the music is spooky. Unlike the designers of CP, let’s not forget the 8th Anniversary party!!!

November Medieval Party – WHAT?! A Medieval party in November?! But, but, it’s supposed to be in May! That’s usually the case, but as the Card Jitsu Snow party is currently ongoing (when it should of been in November) the Medieval party is postponed until November. What a mind-f!?k!

December: Disney Mickey Mouse party – Okay, not really. I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. As always, this party will be the Christmas, sorry, the HOLIDAY party. I wonder if Rockhopper will wait until December to make an appearance?

Soo, that is the list of parties for the rest of the year. As Polo has posted 3 images on the blog (of upcoming parties), expect there to be a sneak peek of both the parties happening in July and August. I’m sure I’ve said this before but it really does feel strange talking about December in May!

In other news: I’ve added a couple more memes to the CP Memes page. Both are Card-Jitsu related so be sure to check them out! Here’s a sample of my latest one:

tusk meme1

Until next time my friends, Waddle on!


June 2013: Monster’s University!

Greetings Penguins!

I decided to take a well earned break from the slow, harsh gameplay of Card-Jitsu Snow. Earning 24 rewards for 2 penguins is A LOT OF WORK, the glitches don’t help either. Anyways, earlier, Polo Field announced that we will be seeing 3 brand new parties this summer, taking us to new dimensions and places penguins have never seen before. So, what have we got to look forward to in June? Well, know we now!

As the title suggests, June’s party will be based upon the new Disney film, Monster’s University (prequal to Monster’s Inc). I guess this is what the school sketch that was shown from CP Summit was back in April. Want proof that Monster’s University will be the next party? Here you go!

monsters uni1

Although only one image remains, we can blatantly see that it is a section of the flag found in the film. Want more proof? Fine! Just don’t make me play any more Card-Jitsu Snow. Please!

monsters uni2


Want more proof? Tough! That’s all you’re getting. We can fully guarantee that the party will be based upon this latest Disney film. So all of you who thought you were in for a Disney-advertisement-free-summer-on-Club-Penguin best think again.

Anyway, I best get back to playing more Card-Jitsu Snow. I really can’t wait for this long long long long journey to finally be over. I have battled Tank, Scrap and Sly enough times I can remember their movements and annoying noises. Help.

Until next time, Waddle on!



Club Penguin Summit – LOADS of sneak peeks!

Greetings Penguins!

Firstly, apologies for the delay (school work yet again). Anyway, CP recently held a real life event called Club Penguin Summit where they invited magazine writers and editors to visit the CP HQ in British Columbia, as well as showing them several presentations and sneak peeks!

First of all, a complete list of parties/events for the entire year was shown. As we can see, there are some old favourites returning and even some brand new parties!


You will notice that one of the monthly parties will be a Card-Jitsu Snow party! This will be held in May and will feature the release of the long awaited game. CP even showed how two rooms will look during the party.

Ski Mountain


Ski Village (notice that the EPF construction is complete?)


The completed Snow Dojo (I wish they put this version in the Beta test)


CP also showed a few sneak peeks from the upcoming Marvel Superhero Takeover. First up is a pic of the Cove during the party. The crane seen below will be used to pick up junk found in the polluted water.


It seems the Forest will be decorated with an Earth Day theme – it seriously wouldn’t surprise me if this version of the Forest will replace the current Forest.


The Plaza during the party.


Three superhero hoodies that will be available during the party. The white hoodie will apparently be a secret item.


There will be some sort of game during the party too – it is called Robot Factory. Here’s a sketch.


A sneak peek of a room that is believed to be called the School was also shown. Little is known about the School other than the sketch shown below. Will it be permanent? I don’t see the purpose of a school to be honest. What are penguins going to learn about, the anatomy of a puffle?


And so concludes the sneak peeks. Except for a couple more. Recently, Spike Hike has been posting on Twitter from his iPad and is believed to be testing an app called My Penguin. Here’s a sneak peek.


The board of Sushi is currently a mystery. Spike says we can collect pieces of Sushi, presumably by using this app in some way or another. I hope we can go on the full CP on mobile devices soon.

And so concludes the sneak peeks for today. In my opinion, the Card-Jitsu Snow party sounds like the highlight of the year as it’s new and the decorated rooms look great.

Until next time, Waddle on!


So, where did Businesmoose go?

Greetings Penguins!

A few weeks ago I posted that Businesmoose would be leaving CP. He stated he would be looking for new adventures and would leave after the first week in April (so he’s officially now gone). We all wondered what Moose would be doing after his departure and now we officially know! He now works at Rocketsnail (HyperHippo Productions) with Rsnail and Screenhog!


(If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter my username is @JimbobsonCP, thanks!)

I guess he’s now known as Mech Moose! He’ll be working on Mech Mice from now on (so no more Moose Monday). This comes as a pretty big surprise for everyone, I wonder who’ll leave CP for Hyper Hippo next?

In other news: CP just released a sneak peek of a new costume members will be able to buy during the Superhero Takeover. Say hi to Sif!


For those who don’t know, Sif is from the film Thor and acts as his companion/supposed “lover” (this isn’t really acted on much). I wonder what other characters CP will introduce for the second takeover?

Until next time, Waddle on!