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‘Operation: Tri-Umph’ Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

With Club Penguin still busy working on Project Super Secret, the lacklustre Prehistoric Party 2016 was forgiven. Sure, it at least had a narrative and reason for being but ultimately it was simply a rehashed version of those seen in previous years.

This month however, things were different. A brand new EPF mission came to the island, involving everyone’s favourite evil polar bear and crab sidekick. Originally known as Operation: Doom, many (including myself), had high hopes for this event. EPF events have always promised solid storylines and interesting tasks in which¬†standard parties cannot compete against. After Operation: Crustacean in November, few expected another EPF so soon. Will Operation: Tri-Umph compete against the legendary Operation: Blackout? Or did the month-long event overstay its’ welcome? Let’s find out!


EPF operations are known for their narratives in which progress every other day / week. In this case, the story took place over three weeks (hence the ‘tri’ in ‘tri-umph’; with the party lasting four weeks in total. Whilst this undoubtedly sounds like a pretty large-scale event on paper, the reality is unfortunately the contrary.

Herbert had a plan to use the stolen meteor from the UFO as a power source in an attempt to uncolourise the island and shrink penguins. Within the first week, this plan backfired and his laser malfunctioned; resulting in a laser party at the Snow Forts. Add some neon lights, a dance floor, some Member-only items and this was week one completed. No tasks, nothing!

In week two, Herbert’s shrink ray of doom managed to shrink all those who accessed the Town (I’m still confused with this too be honest). Construction workers then built a mini-village consisting of a baseball field and a city road for some reason. Again, Members-only items and the decorations were the only things to enjoy this week. No tasks, again.

In week three, things managed to progress. Herbert managed to de-colourise half of the Plaza (as opposed to the entire island like we were expecting). Both the Mall and the Pizza Parlour (and half of the Plaza) were stripped from their colours and left black and white. As usual, there were a selection of Members-only items to pick up.

This wasn’t it, however! A mysterious cave entrance also appeared at the Plaza. This lead many penguins to suffer from deja vu. Why? Because it was the exact same cave from the Cave Maze mini-event back in April 2015. Once the maze was completed, players then had to unplug Herbert’s machine by literally clicking on the plug. That’s it!


I pretty much covered this in the Content section. The only thing players had to do throughout this party was the maze (of which was returned from last year, so shouldn’t of given many players too much trouble) and click on a plug. Easiest operation ever!


A very controversial area and in my opinion, a low point of the entire event (which pretty much consisted entirely of low points). Like last month with the T-Rex Hoodie and the Treasure Book exclusives returning as Member-only items in the Penguin Style, every item available at this event were Members-only. Well, okay there was the extremely common Mining Helmet (which is also available at the Gold Mine, all the time) and a Meteor pin. Add to this the Rookie & Herbert giveaway backgrounds and there’s your fill – if you’re a Non-Member at least.

Whilst this is annoying in itself (a party without free items, something CP themselves pioneered in virtual worlds), the real insult was how CP brought back old Non-Member items as Member items. This seems like a huge dig at those who choose not to purchase a membership, and a somewhat cheap effort to try entice more penguin’s to spend actual money on what is honestly, degrading content. I¬†feel CP will become much stricter on items, providing free players the absolute minimum they can get away with without angering players.


As there were only a handful of decorated rooms, you may expect all those to be of exceptional high quality in order to showcase what could’ve been a month (or even longer) of hard work from the team. Instead, the rooms were simplistic yet somewhat effective. If I was to some up the decorations, I would say they would feel right at home in either a classic Old CP event or a modern mini-party. Nowhere near Blackout’s standards though, unfortunately.

I feel the main issue here is that we expected Herbert’s contraptions to affect us on an island-wide basis. I expected most if not every room to become black and white, and at least a few to actually shrink (as opposed to it being penguins who shrunk in a limited amount of rooms). Maybe we expected to much from a game in which is still working on its’ biggest update in its’ decade-long history.


Rookie and Herbert both appeared as the comic relief protagonist and antagonist respectively. Unfortunately, Herbert was never actually seen in the flesh, only appearing on screens and via the Club Penguin Times. He should’ve at least appeared at the end of the Mine Cave in an effort to protect his equipment and stop any intruders. Instead, he was nowhere to be found.


Honestly, this party was a huge let down. The fact it was an operation promised some fun tasks, a strong narrative and the usual cameo appearance of Herbert. This event had none of these. Each week I was left feeling disappointed. Each week we had no tasks to complete or items (for everyone) to enjoy. It honestly felt like a mixture of mini-parties, something in which I thought I never would’ve used to explain an Operation. Constructive criticism? Weekly tasks, free items for everyone and an island-wide event, not limited to the Forts, Town and Plaza.

Once again, it seems like the excuse is Project Super Secret. However, next month we see yet another return of the Puffle Party. This looks to have more in common with the tradition versions of this party as opposed to recent renditions; with the return of the Puffle domains and even a new Puffle parade to get excited about. Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

Until next time, Waddle on!