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Prehistoric Party 2016: Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

I’ve been putting this off for some time now. Mainly because the Prehistoric Parties don’t fill me with excitement. But, it has to be done! So let’s take a look at how the 2016 version compared to it’s ’13 and ’14 counterparts.


Those players who have experienced at least one of the dinosaur-filled events before will have a strange sense of deja vu – obviously! Whilst the party is of course set in the past, the three versions are practically the same. The return of transformations and everyone’s favourite Dino Dig as January entertainment will certainly not be to everyone’s taste; though there are some positives in relation to the narrative.

This year’s version had us travel back in time in order to collect meteor fragments (via Dino Dig..obviously), in order to restore power to the UFO and send the Alien Puffles back on their way. Whilst we never actually saw this happen (other than a passing image in the newspaper), it brought a sense of purpose to the party; something in which is rarely seen in modern day Club Penguin.

As for that, pretty much everything was the same.


2013 introduced Dino Dig, a game similarly to Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt in which allowed players to dig up coins and dinosaur eggs – allowing for transformations. This time, we had to hunt for meteor segments as stated previously. Whilst not nearly as frustrating as the game was in its’ 2013 and 2014 versions, the whole thing simply felt tiring and overdone. Much like throwing snowballs at things.

As usual, the typical “come back ____ to unlock this!” feature returned. Loathed by some, it prevents players from completing the event too quickly; a major issue considering the sheer length of the parties today. However, those with the CP app can complete all the tasks whenever they wish; regardless of the daily limit plaguing the desktop version. An imbalance here that surely needs to be solved when the legendary Project Super Secret eventually debuts.


In terms of Non-Member items, literally the same as the 2014 version, bar the Asteroid Head which was ironically from the Future Party. The Prehistoric Beta Hat also returned unfortunately. I would’ve preferred to stay in the past to at least try add some rarity and exclusivity to this gimmicky item. Ultimately, this was the part I was disappointed at the most.

Interestingly, the T-Rex Hoodie (from the 2013 Prehistoric Party) returned as a Members only item. Add to this the return of Treasure Book exclusives as Member items in the Penguin Style catalogue and we can presume CP is really hitting the limits on not only their originality but also how low they will go purely to prevent Non-Members obtaining body items.


Again, the same as what we’ve seen previously. Whilst nobody can complain that they aren’t nicely decorated, the Prehistoric version of rooms has me feeling like I’m not playing CP at all. Arguably the most iconic thing about CP is its’ location; a winter wonderland full of penguins and their furry pets. Replace winter wonderland with a volcanic lava-filled island consisting of dinosaurs and the game feels more like an attempt at mimicking the now extinct (pun intended) Webosaurs.

Is it too much to ask for a Prehistoric Party set during the ice age (no, not the film), consisting of sabre-toothed cats and mammoths? At least then the game would feel more contextually appropriate. Anyway, moving on..


Gary, of course! He has been the mascot for every Prehistoric Party thus far. Anyone else would feel totally out of place.


It’s no secret that I’ve never particularly enjoyed the Prehistoric Parties. They feel cliched and unlike CP. The lack of snow, ice and various other factors may be appealing for some but again it feels like Webosaurs. Players (non-members at least) who had experienced 2014’s version had no reason to log in other than to hunt down the Fluffy pin (which was hidden in Prehistoric CP – an admittedly nice touch).

However, the party does have at least some purpose in the respect of finally bringing the Operation: Crustacean event to a close. It lacked the subtle details such as a Prehistoric interface (such as the stone map and chat bars etc) and offered nothing new; something this party desperately needed. Regardless, I feel this month’s key event was a filler, paving the way to February’s highly anticipated Operation: Doom, the second EPF related event in 6 months. Let’s hope it holds its own against Operation: Blackout as opposed to Crustacean.

Until next time, Waddle on!



Review: 2012 in CP

Greetings Penguins!

I’ve wanted to do a yearly review for a while now and today is the day I will be doing so. Now, 2012 has been a very eventful year to say the least, the island has changed in more ways than ever before. Is this a good thing or a bad thing though?

First of all, we have had the introduction of brand new parties such as the Marvel Superhero Takeover (which I loved) and Operation Blackout (finally). We met new mascots such as PH and Herbert, had a chance to meet a mascot EVERY month and even found out the Director’s identity. Not to mention the addition of more items for non-members which is always very welcome, furniture items for everyone and offline promotions such as the Innocent Smoothie codes here in the UK. Many penguins did not like promotions whatsoever due to ‘advertising’. CP needs money, guys. 

Let us not forget something which changed CP more than anything. Billybob and Happy77 leaving. Well no, yes it was sad but it we got new staff members to ‘replace’ them. I’m talking about the new design CP has got recently, the island is upgraded with brand new graphics which also means each party in 2013, either old or new, will have to be re-designed too! Now, lets start some damn reviews.

Parties: Many were new and had a lot of items available. They also introduced the ability to transform (such as becoming ghosts in the Halloween Party). However, is advertising a good thing? (MARVEL, Innocent..) Some also say that some events went on too long and some went almost unnoticed (anniversary party).

Items: Surprisingly quite a lot of items were given away this year. Yes mainly for members but us free players got a handful of items too, including old member items (Superhero mask, Black toque). At least we got more than just hats and backgrounds! Overall, not bad to say the least!

Other: Lets not forget other stuff like…erm..pins. Yeah pins, plenty more of them this year. And erm, transforming! Oh I covered that? Well that’s about it! Other than the addition of the long-awaited Arctic White which is currently the new colour of my penguins. It is rather nice.

2013: After such a successful and eventful year, CP have a lot to do if they want to make 2013 even better. We know that the year will kick off with the Prehistoric Party where we can transform into dinosaurs. Personally, I hope for more new parties, more memorable items for non-members, a new puffle, a portable app version of CP on iPad/Android, Card Jitsu Snow and the re-release of older items such as the Pirate Boots and Lighthouse Shirt (problem, rare penguins?). 

So that’s that for another year. Safe to say CP has changed a fair bit since I joined in 2007! CP should soon release some sort of video or set of images indicating hints on what will happen in 2013 so stay tuned to the blog. 

Until next time, Waddle on!