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Teen Beach Summer Jam CRITICAL Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Time for yet another one of my infamous critical reviews. This time, I will be reviewing the Teen Beach Summer Jam (obviously) that is due to end tomorrow. We all remember when it was first announced as a classic mix between the Music Jam, Summer and Water parties of previous years. Well, CP wasn’t wrong. Although sceptical at first, I have found that this party has actually, despite the Teen Beach theme, got a feel of an original CP party – something I haven’t seen since for quite some time. Now time to review the individual features of this party!

Decorations: I was impressed with the decorations found during this month’s party. Most of the rooms on the island are decorated, which we don’t see much of any more really. There was even the introduction of two new rooms designed specifically for this party. This allows us to both surf and take to the roads. Overall, it’s pretty cool. Also, be sure to check out the Stadium/former Ice Rink. The water-themed interactive slide is very fun.

Items: This is where the Summer Jam really surprised me. As with other parties this year, there have been party-themed catalogues full of items for members. Not so much for non-members who got a couple, most of which required an awful time-consuming and annoying task (Dino Dig during the Prehistoric Party, taking ridiculous amount of photos during the Hollywood Party etc). Yes, there was a member themed catalogue but there was also 7 free items for everyone. Yes, 7 free items (including 2 new backgrounds featuring Mack and Brady). Most of which were completely new (not re-released or re-coloured, though the Campfire Marshmallow is very similar to the Marshmallow Stick of Camp Penguin 07). We also saw the release of a lei, named the Friends Forever Lei. We didn’t see the return of the Blue or Hawaiian Lei however, which I’m sure makes many older penguins happy.

Come back everyday: This has become a regular feature in modern CP parties. However, as these items are all nice, summer-themed and totally new, I don’t see any issues with coming back everyday. Especially as we don’t need to complete any tasks to receive the items. It truly has the feel of a classic, “old-CP” style party.

Mascots: This month we saw the return of everyone’s favourite penguin DJ, Cadence, complete with a new giveaway background. This was also the first appearance of her in-game wearing a T-shirt (which is now part of her style as, for some reason, penguin mascots cannot be naked in CP’s eyes). The main focus of the party was definitely the appearances of Mack and Brady – mascot penguins inspired by Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. They have an exclusive background if you manage to hunt either of them down and can also be added to your friends list.

Overall: As stated previously, I’ve actually enjoyed this month’s party. The duration (2 weeks) still feels slightly long in my opinion, but I suppose CP want all the team’s hard work to be showcased for a longer amount of time. As we say goodbye to summer once again, we also say goodbye to Disney-themed parties for the year. That’s right! The rest of the parties this year will be ORIGINAL (as stated by Spike Hike). Let us welcome September which promises the return of our beloved Captain Rockhopper and the Medieval Party 2013, though these are not necessarily going to occur at the same time of the month.

Random CP Fact #10: The first penguin ever created on Club Penguin was Nickname1. It was used to test the naming system and was created by rsnail himself.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson